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August 29, 2013

Degree Program Rationale Example

Education provides a ladder to climb toward a greater share of society’s rewards. It is increasingly the determining factor in success or failure in the emerging global, post-industrial economy (Reich, 1991). The educational attainment holds a central place in the status attainment process. The benefits of college graduation “have increased to levels that make it an extraordinarily attractive investment” (Kosters, 1990, p.65).
Purpose of Study
The reason due to which the need for horizon broadening was further facilitated was due to the increasing levels of competition in the different fields of life due to which it became mandatory to devise effective educational campaigns and proper allocation of money and funds for the effective development of the education sector. One major reason for the dire need of such developmental measures was the increasingly globalizing visage of the world. As the world rampantly progressed to acquire the title of a global village, the educational sector was also experiencing a change as student from various countries began to enroll themselves in different universities. Moreover individuals began to explore fields and areas to pursue their future careers by opting occupations that majority of the people were relatively unfamiliar to. These occupations were very different to conventional vocations such as being a doctor, engineer, lawyer or politician.
What degree and concentration I am seeking
Empire College offers the most innovative B. BA in Psychology program with Concentration in Human Services. I am applying because I want to continue working with psychologists who, like me, perform beyond the academic exercises and stabilize our society.
What I brought with me
My Statement of Academic Purpose initiates the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle to explain why the pieces of education and experience I have already placed on the table do not form a completed picture. The pieces which are goals are on the table too, but do not yet attach. I recognize how different concentrations of the curriculum fit as the connecting pieces to a career glowing with noble achievements.
One of the most significant pieces is the General Education courses from SUNY at Old Westbury. It allowed me to explore advanced, interdisciplinary courses offering profound and tangible connections to our developed world. My performance improved every semester.
Another piece comes from Human Development courses from Suffolk Community College. This course taught me theories and phases of cognitive and personality development of humans. I have formed the opinion that multiple social and psychological issues can be solved with proper planning which enhance positivism and public health.  
  The newest pieces I have added come from B. AA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as the Advance level Organic Chemistry course from Queens’ College. I have also had some working experience as Case Manager and Supervisor.

Why I choose this area of studies
Regardless of the fact what field is chosen, the bottom line of the entire argument is calculated in terms of income that the academic expertise can provide especially in contemporary times. In such situations there are basically two types of educational problems that students are normally confronted with. One and an important one is regarding the selection of a proper vocation to pursue their future in and second, is to excel themselves in the field to the extent where they feel to have a complete understanding of the professional dynamics involved in the profession.
When I took the Human Development courses from Suffolk Community, I immediately realized that it is my cup of tea. I consider myself fortunate that I also had experience as Case Manager and Supervisor. Now I want to get a B. BA in Psychology program with Concentration in Human Services in order to fulfill my learning objectives.
This degree will fill the gap of my Psychology and Human Services education. The degree will give me a deeper understanding of theory and practices of Psychology and Human Services and will instill in me the skill of helping the ailing humanity.
The educational requirements for many jobs have been increasing in recent years because, even though many credentials do not relate directly to job performance, they indicate that the holder have undergone a particular socialization process and demonstrated desired traits that are otherwise difficult to measure; self discipline, responsibility, ability to learn and think, and willingness to “play by the rules”. Since only 8.9 percent of the U.S. population has a graduate degree this degree will provide me more opportunities to excel my career in the field of Psychology and Human Services.
Why I picked courses which are listed in Concentration and General Learning area
My degree will give a good exposure to numerous business opportunities and aspects which are, at present, unknown to me. This degree will broaden my horizon and will give me the opportunity to meet different influential people who are the force of integrity in their specific fields.
    I believe that I have an innate inclination for studying psychology. As explained, my immediate and long term goals are now and have always been to be a psychologist and serve humanity.  I would like to pursue a degree in psychology and eventually become a psychologist because it will provide me a platform to work and make my little contribution to the world of psychology.
To me giving up is never an option. I have always manifested this personal mantra in my professional life and education. I am always ready to embrace difficult situations and deal with them accordingly.
Moreover, numerous other social skills have schooled in me over couple of years such as interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and ability to deal with different people and situations. Given my personal background, interest in psychology, personal experiences and feelings, education, professional experiences and background I believe that if given a chance, I will demonstrate all the necessary skills that it takes to be a psychologist. I would like to appreciate such an opportunity to study psychology. I will pledge to work for the well-being of our society through my profession having my admission secured in this prestigious college. 



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