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August 12, 2013

Essay on Bonus at Workplace

In modern workplace setting, it has been estimated that one third of the employers have had to deal with conflicts arising out of religion and its practice. This is the reason why it has gained enormous importance in the field of human resource management. The role of training managers is to educate the potential and existing employees well enough to strike balance between their professional duties and religious obligations.
However, unfortunately, many organizations have not put into practice a well-g rounded policy to address the issue.  A recent study conducted by Institute for Corporate Productivity(14cp), found that one-third of 278 employers surveyed worldwide have seen worker conflicts in the workplace linked to religion.(Lanphear, 2005)
Over time, this has become a graver issue with people starting to comfortably express religion at work.  Along the same line, many organizations are unaware of ways to deal effectively with the issue of religious differences. Businesses should find ways to deal with religious conflicts while giving room for employees’ spiritual needs. Effectively handling religious differences not only requires specific attention, but also creativity, empathy and fairness.
The simple strategy in this regard for a human resource strategist is to inculcate the importance of work in the employees and must teach how the balance between the two aspects can be struck in order to keep the working environment gregarious.  
Supervisors need to be very careful in that they are not favoring one party over the other; they could very easily be stepping into a discrimination lawsuit when they think they're effectively helping.(Edwards, 2005)  
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