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August 19, 2013

Essay on Cabinet Level Department of Peace and Non Violence

Cabinet-level Department of Peace and Non-Violence
Being a Congressman in charge, I would definitely endorse the bill for cabinet-level department of peace and non-violence because it will serve many purposes. It is a bill conducive to peace and a right step in the direction of conflict resolution across borders of the country.
As a matter of fact, the bill is dedicated to creating a cabinet-level Department of Peace who would logically bring about conflict resolution at both domestic and international level. The Department of Peace’s primary aim will be to promote non-violence as a guiding principle in the society and strive to create peaceful conditions at home and abroad.(Lee, 2005)
The first and foremost strategy will be to ensure that an early input for a nonviolent plan of action is supplied on timely basis in order to address all the problems inside and outside the country. My strategy will try to blend the pros and cons of the bill in order to come up with a balance approach and plan of action towards reducing the violence at local and state level to ensure non-violence and peace in the country.
It will be necessary to ensure that the funding proposed for the Department of Peace will be spent within the US because once the problems resolved at home will allow us to deal with the international problems and peacemaking issues more effectively and proactively.
This plan of action will be helpful in reducing the cost of violence within the US which is estimate to be over $400 billion per year. Indeed, the cost is high but the reward will even be promising. Even seemingly minor actions in the right direction will show a good return on the estimated $10 billion for the Department of Peace.
The strategy will embody a broad-based approach to peaceful and nonviolent conflict resolution locally and internationally. At local level, the Department will be responsible to devising policies that directly address the burning internal issues such as gang violence, domestic violence, child abuse, hate crime, racial violence and discrimination, violence against women, gays and lesbians and mistreatment of the elderly. 
The Department of Peace Education will be created which will be responsible to work in close relation with educators in elementary, secondary universities.  The development and implementation of curricula will be designed to teach students nonviolent conflict resolution skills.  Research in the U.S. has hinted at the fact that programs that teach conflict resolution and social skills are more likely to prevent youth violence.
The Department will create and establish a Peace Academy, modeled after the military service academies, which will provide a 4 year concentration in peace education. Graduates will be required to serve 5 years in public service in programs dedicated to domestic or international nonviolent conflict resolution.(Shostak, 2005)
At international level, the Department will analyze foreign policy and make recommendations to the President on matters related to the protection of human rights and the prevention and de-escalation of unarmed and armed international conflict.
Bullying is a burning problem in the schools of our country. It poses a significant threat to mental and psychical health of the children. The strategy in this regard will be to devise and implement training programs that will teach students the skill of nonviolent conflict resolution. This will result in the reduction of bullying incidents at schools, colleges, and universities. Several interventions shall also be suggested to reduce the number domestic violence cases and aggressive behaviors within the home and community. Students and citizens will be trained in line with the domestic and international approaches.
The consultation with the peace department will be deemed necessary and mandatory. In case any armed conflict occurs between United States and any other country, Department of Defense personnel within the U.S”, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State will have to consult the Secretary of Peace regarding nonviolent means of conflict resolution.
Moreover, the Department of Peace will also bear media responsibilities. It will have to study and analyze the role of media in the escalation and de-escalation of the conflict making the findings public. Media plays a pivotal role in increasing media awareness of peace building initiatives.
A Department of Peace, funded by a percent tax on all war contracts, will work to organize, educate and facilitate peaceful responses to the causes of war, including famine, poverty, and ignorance. The Department of Peace with will be an important resource for non-profits, non-governmental and governmental organizations to aid and collaborate on alternative to war. The institution will work in conjunction with the goals of the United Nations and be a vessel of action and education on both global and local scales.(Penn,2004)
Secretary of Peace will be empowered enough to establish and maintain free schools in every village, township and United States.

The perception that the Department of Peace will be a needless and additional beaurcracy should be shunned. And this can be done only by putting in place the proper mechanism and the strategy to yield desired results. The benefits of this new department must the reach the common public and all the stakeholders in the country.
The limited resources should be used prudently and wisely to operate the functions of the Department of Peace. The Department will work independently and need not interfere with the working and operations of State Department internationally. The department must realize its responsibilities and duties and strive to achieve the set targets.  A research department should come into existence under the auspices of Peace department and its responsibilities will be to analyze, gather and provide sufficient support to the operations of the department. The appointment of secretary and undersecretary will be made.
In conclusion, it must be ensured that the Department of Peace and Defense work independently of each other. The bill must be implemented in letter in spirit but its drawbacks should also be kept in mind.

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