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August 4, 2013

Non-Profit Organizations and IT

                                                    Technological Solutions
Technology has become an efficient tool to yield and maintain maximum organizational and personal productivity. Given this, the nonprofit organizations have felt its pressing need in order achieve their goals and targets. Despite this, they have faced enormous difficulties in achieving it mainly due to lack of a palpable technological program. The rather seem to focus their attention on the complexities of information technology. It goes without saying that non-profit organization can make the most of technology in order to achieve their goals.
The use of technology plays a pivotal part in the nonprofit organization as it enables them to project their services, disseminate their objectives and mission and recruit their volunteers. However, it has been observed that nonprofit organizations have not been able to come up with a comprehensive strategy in this regard. They are using email or website technology efficiently.   The websites, blogs, and other internet resources have not been properly managed tout the stated mission of the organizations.(Woodward, 2006)
These technological innovations can be used to expand their functions and scope. Gilbert noted that the nonprofit organizations have not tended to use email more strategically by carrying out activities such as storing email addresses on the website or sending electronic newsletters.
            The problem that lies at the heart of this issue is perhaps the lack or limited resources. Most of the nonprofit organizations have a tiny staff members dedicated to making technology budgets and addressing all the technology related problems. In majority of the nonprofit organizations the infrastructure of technology is often in haphazard.
            Not all the staff members have the equal level of expertise which makes it more difficult for the efficient use of technology. Nonprofits cannot operation in isolation since they enjoy an exclusive relationship with the people and society in which they operate. Therefore, it becomes mandatory on them to utilize the state-of-the-art technology in order manage their social and technical resources.
            Mangers and leaders of nonprofit organizations have a key role to play in making the recruitment and human-resource related even more convenient through the effective use of technology. Technology should be used even more efficiently to streamline funding resources, fiscal policy, and organizational stake. It is necessary for the nonprofit organizations to put in place a strong technological network into the organization.  
The repair of computers or other technology gadgets should not be done on volunteer basis because it leaves much room for the difficulties in case of an unexpected breakdown.
         The quality of the link between the financial modules and human resources is particularly important to companies, given the financial burden--- usually a very important factor in human resource. 
ICTs also offer important developments for HRM other than for internal management andintegrated financial management of an enterprise, such as applications developed intra-or extranet on recruitment and E-learning. The overall system will have an ability to treat a wide range of information and organize them according to axes analysis making all the stored information easily scalable.
These processing capabilities and data aggregation induce a characteristic of a quantitative approach towards HR management. The payroll module automates the payroll by gathering the data made available to the worker for its services and its nature, and applies to deductions, payroll tax levy and periodically generates an individual account and a proposed payment order .It can also generate data and statistics for all concerned staff. The performance data can be generated automatically (devices) or via an encoding. Information can also be sent to a financial module. 
            The fact remains that nonprofit organization cannot operate in isolation and they must realize the need for the use of modern technology.

Woodward, Jeannette,(2006) Nonprofit essentials: managing technology, John Wiley,pp.267


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