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August 3, 2013

Sample Case Study on Criminal Justice

                                                                       Case Study
Were I Sergeant Simms, it would be my first priority to meet the team I was going to work with. It goes with saying that being an office in-chief I would take my team into confidence. I would analyze the strengths and weaknesses of them. Moreover, I would assign the tasks and responsibilities to each member of the team according to his expertise and acumen.  I would consult my department to provide me with the highly classified and secret information about the criminal elements, their whereabouts in the society. Such kind of information is necessary because it would allow me to combat the crime in the community more vehemently and effectively.
   The complete bio data of my team members would also be sought because it would help me in understanding the interests of the team mates. This is also extremely necessary because it would prevent the personal loyalties from creeping in. Some team members may have their secret alliance with the criminal mafia in town thus it is essential to be sorted out.
   In order to create a viable working arrangement, it is pre-requisite that I should take all the departments and members concerned into confidence and state my core objectives honestly and convincingly. Resorting to stringent measures with an aim to create and maintain in the department would be preferable.  
Being an officer in charge, it is chief responsibility to galvanize my team and to win the support of local community doing whatever it takes. Not only the coordination of concerned police men but also that of people is always necessary for an officer to carry out his operations effectively and supportively in the context of a community.
   I would conduct special training programs for the night-shift members of the team in order deter the issue of breaking and entering.  The intensive monitoring of the night staff through cameras would be another measure to minimize the risk of breaking and entering. (Hiam, 2010)
   Managing a team is always a difficult job. Some of the motivation techniques I would apply in order to extract maximum output from my employees would be based on conducting proper communication with them at all levels regarding the project that is being conducted. An important thing to consider in this context is to assign each member of the team the task that he or she feels motivated in doing and they do it with their utmost dedication and determination.
Provide each and every one of them a carefree working environment to ensure that they give their best and maximum output. Periodically take feedback from the employees engaged in different tasks, appreciate them for the work that they accomplished; ask them about the steps through which they will pursue their assignments, listen to it with serene concentration and advise them accordingly about the loopholes and considerations that they need to make and keep in mind before proceeding, inquire them about the arrangements that they have done and the planning that they have made about their subsequent steps, advice them about the ways through which they can bring much betterment and introduce greater innovation in the action that they are launching.(Kasper,2010)  

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