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September 15, 2013

Essay on Communication and Group Case Study

Communication is actually the process of trusting the people and tells them with all the honesty about their position, about the position of the business and about the future plans of the organization. Being in a leading position at school, my first and foremost responsibility is to establish a congenial relationship with the colleagues and subordinates.  Since the individuals at school make a group of intelligent people working towards a unanimous goal can be a source of time to time frictional sparks as humans are multifaceted characters who do not always get along with each other. To prevent such conflicts to take place and slack the speed of the ongoing task it is better to follow certain strategies.  
It is better to stop the inevitable before it strikes. For this make sure that every group member understands the responsibilities assigned to him. The ground rules should also be clear so that in case of a conflict the members can refer back to it.
For example if the responsibilities and ground rules are made clear at the very beginning then the person who seems to be lacking behind in his responsibilities can be confronted as sometimes people are operating on outdated or incomplete information any such problem will be clarified. And the other group members will not feel over worked.   
It is better to hold regular discussions on the ongoing problems the group members are facing rather than letting them simmer and testing the members’ patience. This may also lead to forcing people to explode with frustration rather than letting them talk things out reasonably.
 Sometimes this is because people avoid voicing out the problems as they feel uncomfortable at venting out their problems to powerful people. This practice is useful to avoid any impending conflicts which may become too much for a safe resolution.
Organizing your speech is one of the most important skills you can learn. First of all, organization is often the key to understanding. The audience is more likely to understand your message if it is organized than if it is not. Second, you are more likely to include the best information, arguments, and evidence if your speech is organized than if it is not. Organizing a speech forces you to select, to prioritize, and to choose the best of the available information. Third, the audience is more likely to evaluate you positively if you sound organized." (Pearson & Nelson, An Introduction to Human Communication, p. 258)
The key to healthy work relation among the group members is based on managing communication within the firm. Communication is a two way process. It is really difficult for an school leader to work utilizing all of his competence, intelligence and enthusiasm if he does not know the real purpose of the job he is going to perform, the more important point is to give opportunity to the employee to communicate and contribute to the idea and opinion before others come up with a decision.
Negative feedback from the colleagues and relevant staff is also necessary sometimes but positive feedback should be the basic tool to establish a good human relationship between the school leader and the management. It is to be noted that the employees are human beings, it is not easy to make them fool and they can easily detect insincerity in the atmosphere. Similarly they also respond to the honest and serious efforts to treat them as mature and responsible human beings. Some techniques that can stimulate the two-way communication between the leader and the others are:
·         Bulletin Boards
·         Suggestion Boxes
·         Open Meetings 
The role of internal communication is to promote increase organizational reflexivity and involvement in organizational development. Integrated communication is the application of analysis; communication and evaluation techniques to create and manage integrated business process design, feedback and system to improve human interaction and human performance in a school in order to achieve the desired goals.
To implement the system of internal communication in the school the following points has to be followed. Being a school leader, it is incumbent on me to converse with everyone more often informally and on regular basis. The leader must be able to infuse a healthy culture of competition among the group members.
I would ask them about their thoughts, their opinions and suggestions about the recent initiatives I have taken. If the communication gap among the group members persists mainly due to lack of motivation then the leader has take urgent measures to restore the flow of conversation---necessary to achieving set goals.  Communication and leadership go hand in hand. Surveying the group members about the workplace culture is helpful to identify the strong and weak points of the school.

Pearson & Nelson,(2001) “An Introduction to Human Communication” Routledge


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