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September 5, 2013

Essay on Ethical Organization

Ethical Organization
Hester & Haven Mission Statement
Hester & Haven’s is dedicated and committed to providing unfailing, reliable, proficient and timely services and support to meet the needs of dependents. The organization guarantees its elderly men and women an amicable, confidential, timely service environment.   
Hester & Haven mission is to become a community-based outreach program for the elderly men and women.  The company aims to create a social center that offers safe environment allowing the caregivers to bring the elderly from to 7 p.m during the week and from 9 a.m to 1 p.m on Saturdays. Hester & Haven will be a role model to base future endeavors for the elderly in other communities.
The Hester & Haven’s most significant worry is the care of its patients. The Hospital seeks to ensure that all patients irrespective of creed, religion and race benefit from the exceptional health services.
Vision Statement
The vision of Hester and Haven is to be the world’s preeminent and premier institution for elderly in the country.
• Excellence and Discovery
• Leadership and Integrity
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Respect and Collegiality     
Company Summary
Hester & Haven was founded by Joycelyn McBride.  Ms. McBride had the first-hand experience of what elderly care is all about having cared for her mother, uncle, and aunt. She had the realization that although there are a number of senior social centers that operate in the country but they do not always tend to be convenient and facilitating for the elderly in need.  As a result, they are often left confined to the boundaries of home without having anyone care for them.
Ms McBride is presently a Housing Specialist for the NYC Department of Homeless Services.  She has knowledge of how people in general can be left in a state of despair with no one to turn to.  Ms McBride has seen too many of the elderly living along, and at worst, being in a homeless situation.  Ms McBride’s vision is to eventually expand her services to neighboring communities.
Hester & Haven stands at par excellence in terms of services. It has the potential to be ranked among the top list in nutrition and recreation.
Hester & Haven provides a nutrition plan that will meet the dietary needs of the individual member offering a sumptuous breakfast, lunch and snacks on regular basis. Moreover, the availability of fruits, vegetables and water will also be ensured.  
Hester & Haven offers a non-strenuous stretching program; arts and crafts; day trips; and a day spa (massages, pedicures, hair cutting and manicures).  Movies will be shown weekly.
Forty-five minute seminars will be presented on various health issues such as diabetes; dementia; elder abuse; health proxies; home repair and weatherization; various public housing issues; and legal rights of the elderly.
Values statement: What is the organization's values statement? How will these values inspire action and influence behavior? How do these values relate to the organization's mission?
Most of the people in this world are inspired by the religion they follow. Religion inspires a chunk of personal ethics. The faithful and dedicated acolytes willingly bind themselves to a specific morality system. (Conjecture Corporation, 2011) It can safely be said that the values statement of Hester & Haven is in sync with the mission of the organization.
To run the service effectively and efficiently every employee is bound to a set of rules and restrictions. There are punishments in case of ethical irreverence. Some of the points that have been chalked out are:
1.      Medical ethics includes the following scope:
a)      Evolution of ethical codes and conducts,
b)      Promotion of ethical exercise,
c)      Bar of any ethical violations,
d)     Acknowledgement of ethical quandaries,
e)      Settlement of ethical disputes.
2.      Components:
a)      The relationship between caregiver and the elderly,
b)      The relationship between physician and the physician,
c)      The relationship between physician to the system of care and ethics, and
d)     The relationship of the physician to the society.
e)      Hester’s Haven offers an environment that will be unique with its services.  Opening this facility at this location gives the elderly easy access to services that are desperately needed.  The elderly population will have an outlet where they can feel comfortable, be around their peers and have interaction with staff.
f)       Management will meet on a regular basis with staff to receive and offer feedback on improvements that may be needed and innovative ideas. Management will also meet with other resources in the community in a net-working situation to ascertain what other services are needed.

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