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September 7, 2013

Essay on Evaluating The System

System evaluation is an ongoing process that needs attention and great effort. The idea behind evaluating the system is to gather all the useful information regarding the project, analyzing the functions and evaluating the system. All these efforts lead towards betterment and helps in achieving the desired goals. The activities that will be use to evaluate the system are:
i.                    rectifying the functions of a system
ii.                  analyzing the processes and areas
iii.                analyze the expected activities
iv.                construct a plan to know what actually users want
v.                  developing a plan
vi.                reasonable model to be develop related to the environment
Evaluating the system can be easily categorized in three below mentioned steps:
i.                    gather the functions of the system and business
ii.                  gather all the activities related to the users
iii.                gather physical and rational architecture
In the first phase, functions of the system are gathered in order to know about the system and to implement various strategies to make it better and effective one. While doing a performance test, analyzing and evaluating the main functions of a system is an important task that makes the system effective and efficient one. In this phase, an important step is to prepare an outline with the help of the stakeholders in order to rectify any problems and to handle them carefully. While evaluating the system, an essential task is to thoroughly study the system and do analysis. (Stridsman, 2000)
In the second phase, an important step is to analyze the activities of the users. No doubt it is one of the most challenging tasks to analyze every single activity; therefore core activities are analyzed in order to evaluate the system properly. While analyzing the user's activities, keep in mind the competitors activities too. It will help a lot and eventually make the system more effective.
In the last phase, a relationship between the application and the hardware or software is evaluated. If at any cost understanding of the architecture is failed, then it will adversely affect the project as a whole.
Evaluating the system is a tough task and it should be accomplished by adding more something innovative and technical. While doing an evaluation, try to gather as much information as you can in order to make the evaluation strong enough. System evaluation helps in many future works. Therefore, evaluation is the core part of any project and it should be done properly. For any project, evaluation is one of the main areas on which overall project is dependent on. Therefore while doing an evaluation one should keep in mind all the related pros and cons that are somehow related to the project and can affect it too either positively or negatively. (Stridsman, 2000)
Overall, an evaluation of system will take 6 to 7 days and in the end outcomes will depict the nature and the effectiveness of the work. With the help of this evaluation system, any project can be implemented and will generate effective outcomes too.

Stridsman, Thomas (2000). Trading systems that work: building and evaluating effective trading
systems. McGraw-Hill Professional  


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