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September 18, 2013

Essay on HR Management

HR Management
Selecting a programmer
A well-versed and well-articulated computer programmer must have a sound knowledge of techniques in all areas of programmer development including coding, design, configuration management, testing and debugging and use of the programmer API libraries.  There are many factors that determine the job of a computer programmer. It is important for an HR manager to keep himself abreast of the fact every programmer does not possess same capacity and skill. There the process of selecting a programmer is a complex one.  It should be kept in mind that the procedure of hiring a software programmer should be taken seriously. The following case will highlight that process.
Alan has been working as data processing supervisor for two years. He now has to select a programmer trainee. He requires a candidate with high motivation and aptitude for the position. Fourteen candidates applied for the job in the employment section of the personnel department. Six were women, eight were men. An employment specialist screened the candidates for Alan using a carefully prepared interview format that included questions to determine job-related skills. Six candidates, three women and three men, were referred to Alan.
Outstanding Metrics
HR management must be concerned about Metrics especially the ones that are outstanding because the end result of HR in terms of performance is a matter of concern to the senior executives. They give special consideration to numbers and tangibles.  Metrics which are associated with business objectives and operational capability are business intelligence tools for HR.  
Metrics track the impact of HR on the business and behavior of people to enhance performance.
Metric must measure outcomes and results related to the core objectives of the organization. The issue of outstanding metrics is also a complex one as many of the HR metrics formulations are too complex to permit ongoing measurement.

Lott Industries
Lott Industries is now laying stress on diversifying its products and services to make sure continued employment of developmentally and physically disabled people. For 20 years, Lott has provided compliant destruction of documents and multimedia information for local sources with pickup service within a 100-mile radius. It is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction.
Lott has devised various partnerships with local academic and business sources to create new opportunities for its workers. Lott employs from 900 to 1,200 developmentally and physically disabled workers at three production facilities in Lucas County. It has worked with companies of all sizes from the Big Three automakers to small businesses needing to supplement their work force.
Lott Industries served the automotive industry as a tier one supplier to Ford Motor Company for 26 years with an on-time and quality rate of 99.9 percent. In 2006, 75 percent of its revenue of $7 million came from its work for Ford.
Workplace Romance
Workplace romance is becoming a commonplace in today’s modern work place. The point is that employers cannot control workplace romance by force because it is a natural instinct. Given this, it becomes difficult to come with a workplace romance policy that can be imposed on the employees. Even if such a policy is put in place, it sends out a negative message to employees that the company is trying to impose its will on the personal lives of the employees. No employer or HR manager would want to see a Romeo and Juliet situation. The workplace environment can be contained if the employees are properly trained on the subject of sexual harassment.
Research sources
A good human resource manager is always on the lookout for adequate research sources to continue his job responsibilities well.  In order to conduct good workforce planning, the federal and provincial governments have statistical bodies which should be consulted. The census data is important and other published directories are vital for individuals, businesses, and government and students. There research sources always prove helpful in human resource management.   

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