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October 14, 2013

Essay on Patriarchs

According to Abraham there is only one issue in discomfort. By the time I feel the discomfort, this means that I, in my being present have deviated from the Being that I originally belong to "the pure positive energy embodied in a physical body.”(Abraham-Esther Hicks)
  Abraham enlightened the world with the Knowledge of God and was revered by the inhabitants of the land of Canaan. The lesson that we learn from Abraham is that of kindness and sacrifice. The way he willing obeyed the command of God and prepared himself to sacrifice his son, Isaac is commendable. Abraham symbolized the desire to give and bestow without limits and conditions and this is the lesson we learn from him.
The lesson that we learn from the teachings and life of Isaac is of obedience to God, readiness for sacrifice, and justice. He was the promised son of Abraham. During his boyhood, he was almost sacrificed by his obedient and God-loving father and was spared by God.  The story of Isaac provides us with a food for thought. He was a very discreet prophet in the sense that he moved his neck towards the knife when Abraham was preparing to sacrifice him. He never left the land of Israel and never took up arms.  His life tells us about ways how to obey God and His commandments. He continued to spread the legacy and teachings of his father and lived in harmony with his neighbors. From the life of Isaac, we deduce that the essence of his teachings is to keep love on track and it should be directed towards Almighty.

Jacob was the third patriarch of the Hebrew people with whom God made a covenant. As opposed to Abraham and Isaac, Jacob faced many struggles inside and outside the land. He had to undergo the hatred of his brother, Esau, the deception of his father in-law, Laban, the rape of his daughter, Dinah, and the death of his beloved wife, Rachel and the disappearance of his son Joseph. Jacob represented a synthesis between love and justice. Through the story of Jacob, we learn ways to leap over the failures of ourselves and others. This can only be made possible through compassion. 
Joseph was the eleventh of Jacob's twelve sons and Rachel's firstborn.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, yet rose to become the most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh. When famine hit the land he brought the sons of Israel down to Egypt, where they were settled in the Land of Goshen. The story of Joseph is replete with lessons of wisdom and truth.  Joseph was no less than a godly character whose integrity is evidenced in Bible and other scriptures.  Joseph’s vision and love for God kept him on the track and every trial and tribulation could not distract him from the righteous path. The lesson that we learn from his life is that we also can try and be morally intact and save ourselves from the negative impacts of worldly vices. We should understand that prosperity and success man’s character and one can rise triumphant if he lives a life as commanded by the Almighty.

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