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October 15, 2013

Essay on Time Management Issues

Time Management Issues
My next door neighbor was a schoolchild who extensively faced the time management issues with his way of life. Although being a very brilliant student he was suffering and was behind many of his fellow students at school just because of this problem. Every year even being a deserving one, he was not able to gain the scholarship at school because of different time management related issue from his side.
In the end of last year, I met him and found him too disheartened, not eager to apply for scholarship due this year. Right at that moment, I decided to guide him with his time management issues so he may acquire this scholarship. The very first thing was to make him realize that it is not any lacking in his intelligence or capabilities but just that he does not manage time well.
It took few hours and then he agreed to follow my plan for gaining the scholarship due within next few months. He immediately got too enthusiastic as I started to tell him about the initial strategies like, scheduling out his time completely. I helped him put in distributing all of his time for classes, regular studies, extra time for preparation of tests and some extracurricular activities.
His problem was failing in getting any time for other activities that were registered or were worth notifying for scholarship grant committee. This time he managed to join some group for social work and opted out for sports too. This helped in making him more active too. With this, I made him realize to recognize that what everything shall be done in order of its priority, this will make things be done in better way.
With all this of his scheduling and involvement in activities with studies, I notified him not to be over worked or he will lose completely. Then I made him make some adjustments in his schedule taking out time for some entertainment and relaxation regularly and especially after tests. He completely followed the plan and a week earlier, he came to me and with profound happiness told that he got the scholarship this time. It was a cherishing moment for me too and we celebrated the success that evening. (Nohel, 2010)

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