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November 26, 2013

Essay on Human Resources in Business

Assignment 1.1

People who work for an organization or a company are referred to as human resources in business. This particular department of the organization is responsible for overseeing the compensation packages and benefits provided to all of the business’s employees and management of resources, like, training and hiring new employees. In countries where there is an increasing shift towards service-based industries in an economy, one of the most powerful features of many businesses is human resources.
The people that invariably drive a business and a large proportion of many businesses’ cost are called human resources. An integral part of business success is the management of these resources (Dransfield, 1998, pp. 69). These resources include person specifications, contracts employment, recruitment, workplace culture, disciplinary procedures, accountability and authority, teams, job descriptions, retention, incentives and motivation, absenteeism, grievance procedures, functions, safety and health in the workplace.
The maintenance and provision of the basic welfare needs of the workforce is the responsibility of the employers. Per employee, a working space of ten to eleven cubic meters must be provided. The working environment temperature must be maintained, in summer season, comfortable temperature can be maintained by force or natural ventilation, whereas, in winter season, for sedentary work, a reasonable temperature of twenty to twenty three degree Celsius must be maintained. Seated seats must be provided at the place of work, and the workplace must be adequately lit.
Access to a sufficient number of washrooms and toilets with provision of toilet paper, towels and soap, must be given to employees. A secure place must be given to them for any clothes that are required to wear whilst at work, or outdoor clothing worn to work. Changing facilities with maintained privacy must be provided if they have to change into work clothing suitable (Holsapple & Joshi,2001, pp. 39). Access to suitable rest areas where they can eat meals and clean drinking water must be provided to the workers.

The criteria for the human resource success include, permanent investment in employee and education development, information on individual employee efficiency in job performance, stable and clear organisational structure of the company with proper identification of key positions within the company, defined salary and job systematization, organisational change process, employment process and training process, defined knowledge and capability assessment, information on experience and skill for each individual,  and analysis of all jobs, including established job systematization, competencies essential for successful work accomplishment and defined job requirements. 


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