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December 22, 2013

Essay on War on Drugs

War on Drugs
When judges and police claim they are leading the" war on drugs ", they abuse words. Persecution is the appropriate term. Though it would make the police less popular but would describe the reality in a better fashion.  Note that in war there are always two opponents struggling to win over another. We are here in the area of ​​belief. Here we have evidence that this is religious persecution. Explain to a prosecutor in New York or Geneva that there may be pleasure in smoking a joint is just as useless (and dangerous) than to praise the merits of an Ayatollah an old Bordeaux. ".
We must first consider the real dangers of drugs which in turn supports the idea of waging war against drug paddlers in the country. The scientific community appears divided on the subject. But there is a point that everyone could agree: the product prohibited, sold under the counter, is far more harmful than that sold in normal trade. Indeed, how a consumer can take action against the producer who would change the product to increase its margin? This gives us example of cannabis to cut or crushed glass of coke with atropine. From the perspective of public health individual addict, it seems that legalization is extremely positive. In addition, the old adage that it is often attached to is greatly exaggerated. While all heroin users have used cannabis before, only 1.75% of smokers tested heroin later. (Richards, 2002)
Two thirds of the 100,000 inmates in federal prison system have committed crimes related to drugs. In all, 250,000 Americans are incarcerated for drug law violations. But that's not all. In a black market, the mafias are rapidly heading, and bring with them unprecedented violence in order to be a monopoly in a given territory. And the mafia comes easily to protect themselves from the criminal justice system; they make juicy profits being reinvested in part in the corruption of officials complacent in their lawyers or their security services. For cons, the little neighborhood dealer who does his business honestly without playing it to Scarface and the end users can benefit from this financial protection and they are the big losers of the enforcement policy. All this, theft, murder, prostitution, corruption, would be reduced phenomenally in a free market. And no more need huge sums invested in this persecution, however, an ineffective and dangerous course, are paid by taxpayers. Example, the annual budget of the United Nations on the war against drugs is 50 billion. But 13 million people still engage opiate - like in the late 1990s. And consumption of cannabis is increasing, particularly in United States.(Gabriel, 2002)
The end of Prohibition in the United States has been characterized by an increase in the number of alcoholics. And we should remember that Holland has a percentage of pot smokers in the total population smaller than France.  The people who fall into the drug dealers are approximated by particularly active in marketing, offering free doses, in the hope of future profits which is much higher. These dealers, often addicts themselves, therefore particularly encouraged to expand their customer base, looking for clients, select the lure, they are sellers usually very effective. if the dose of drugs sold in pharmacies legal costs, say, between 1 and 3 dollars, the street dealers will disappear because they cannot hope to profit by selling drugs "craft" at such prices.  The bottom line is that war on drugs is justified and should go on until the eradication of this social vice.

Gabriel Chin (2002). "Race, the War on Drugs and the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction". Gender, Race & Justice (6): 253


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