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March 2, 2014

Essay on Lessons From Thailand

Lessons from Thailand
The article analyzes the changing political current in Thailand with regards to latest election results and the changing trends influencing South-East Asia. The author draws on the transition from authoritarian rule to democratic one implying that this process provides us lessons and food for thought. He comes up with ten important lessons that can be extracted from the example of Thailand.
Firstly, in the wake of elections, the fears of atrocities have intensified resulting in the mutilation and torture. On the positive note, this compels the voters to discern between the two systems. Secondly, the election proved that party image is all-powerful and can at times subdue and overshadow the individual leaders.
The elections also revealed that the Abhisit’s party could not have appealed to the masses on the basis of one geographic or ethnic base. In case a party prefers to put faith in one community or region, it finally results in more chaos and uncertainty in the country. The need for a national base cannot be stressed less.
In the process of election, the presence of intact and strong machinery cannot be overlooked as it serves to mobilize and motivate the voters. Ordinary voters should not be overlooked for the sake of support from elite classes. Moreover, the author opines that it is necessary to adopt decentralized and people-centric policies. Voters should be treated gently and with respect because they decide the fate of a political party.
The more the voters are ingratiated and respected, the wider the prospects for a political party. Women play a pivotal role in society and in every walk of life thus they should not be ignored and ruled out from the process.
The author believes that this is not plausible to assume that the current electoral process is free of all errors and flaws. It is necessary to pay heed to downsides as well. Lastly, elections are not everything; they should be treated as an important step in the right direction.

Welsh, Bridget(2011) “Lessons from Thailand: Rejection of Authoritarian Rule”

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