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June 18, 2014

3 Most Sought After Jobs in Future

Ever wonder what type of jobs will obsess the minds of people in coming future, say five to ten years? We have listed some of the jobs that will potentially be most sought-after in future.

Medical Scientists

With our world battling different epidemics and diseases, the role of medical scientist will become even more important in future. The medical scientists conduct bio-medical researches and studies. The aim is to advance medical studies each year. The average salary of the medical is around $61,000. If you are pursuing medical profession, you should seek PHD in order to be a medical scientist.

Computer Scientists

The demise of Steve Jobs does not mean the end of computer advancements and technological innovations. If you have a bachelors degree in computer engineering, you can surely land a comparatively lucrative job. Plus, the profession transcends the physical boundaries and limitations of human kind. You can earn a decent paycheck from your home too.  The future of computer scientists is even brighter than it is today.

College Teachers

It’s perhaps the oldest profession and may sound quite less promising to many but the future of college teachers is still safe, to say the least. You can earn a decent salary by teaching at a college.  With more students going to colleges and increase of interest in formal education, the college teachers will be on demand.


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