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June 14, 2014

Abortion: A Persuasive Essay

The topic which I have chosen to write about is abortion. Abortion has always been a controversial topic. There are many who are in favour of it due to various reasons and still many others who are against it. I am one of them who are against this. Abortion means terminating a pregnancy which results in the death of the human fetus. When going for an abortion, women present many reasons for it such as fear of having a child, raising a child, rape or not having enough financial resources. Abortion is just like committing a murder. I believe that when abortion is committed for the selfish reasons it is wrong because a human life is more important than money and time. It’s better to give away the child for adoption after giving birth, than to murder a human being.
Reason 1:
One of the reasons I propose that abortion is wrong, is that it places the life of the mother at risk as well and can harm her potentially. Abortion exists not only in the U.S. but also in many other countries, especially third world countries, were economic status of people is very low. According to Carmen Gomez Lavin , a psychiatrist and member of the Right to the Life committee, it has been found that almost 80% of the women suffer from the post traumatic stress disorder when they undergo an abortion. Abortion can result in many other complications such as not being able to conceive in the future, many kinds of sicknesses and can even result in death. One of the most common complication is abortion is infection. It can be much more destructive if the woman do not seek the proper treatment from a good clinic or if the physician do not check the existence of any sort of infection prior to abortion. In one of the study, it was found that the women were at 72% of the risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease who suffered from the untreated chlamydia infections at the time of their abortion (Sorenson).
Women who go for abortion are more likely to develop the problems related to their mental health, especially if they have associated negative feelings with abortion. Studies have shown that women who had aborted once or had a history of abortions are at significantly higher risks of developing mental sickness as compared to others. All this makes an abortion, dangerous for the women in both physical and psychological ways.
Reason 2:
Another reason why I oppose abortion is in regard to basic human, moral  and religious values. Women should be made to think that the unborn babies are not responsible for their situation or their problems. Women should value the basic human values of giving the right to live with their unborn babies. When the fetus starts developing in the womb of the women, if gain life.  The morality demands that, unless there is some proof that the unborn fetus is not alive, it should be given a benefit of the doubt, by presuming it as alive. Women should develop a more humanitarian approach than being egotistic about the situation.
Even almost all religions condemn abortion. It is against the religious values doing an abortion. So if they do so, they will be punished by their religion. For examples, in some of the religions, women cannot go for communion after abortion or before going for communion again. Whatever the religion is, no one allows for the killing of human kind.
Reason 3:
Another important reason why women should not go for abortion is that there are many other solutions which are much safer and better. One of the best ways is to give birth to the child and give him away for adoption. In an article by Kristi Burton Brown, it was stated that in the U.S. there are almost two million couples who have problems of infertility and they want to go for adoption regardless of the medical problems of the child such as Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, HIV infection or any terminal illness.
The President of America’s Pregnancy Helpline states that there are many helpline clients every year who inquire them about the adoption. By giving them an infant, rather than going for abortion, will make their life much happier and worth living. So if abortion is for the selfish reasons it is better to give birth to that child and give away to the families who would love to bring them up as their own children.
People who talk in favour of abortion have their own reasons. They propose that women should have a freedom of choice about their body and others should not object to it. But they should understand that is it morally and legally correct to kill a living being? Once a woman is pregnant she has already gained a life inside her. There should not be any excuses of killing that life without any solid reason.
People also often reason that under certain circumstances, abortion becomes unavoidable such as in case of rape, teen pregnancy or if mother has some fatal sickness. In case of rape, the woman can give a birth to a baby and give him/ her away to some family who will adopt him happily. The teen that gets pregnant before marriage should not have pre-marital sex, because it’s not safe. It can also lead towards the development of other fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS. This will not only kill the mother but also the baby.
If a mother has some sickness, she should not conceive in the first place as it will place her life at risk as well. Another reason proposed that abortion is justified in women of low income group. It is still not justified in their case. Firstly, they should use the facility of family planning methods to avoid pregnancy. But if even then, pregnancy takes place, they can ask the government and non-governmental welfare organizations for help, to raise their family income.
Abortion is selfishness on the part of mothers who do not want to take on the responsibilities and hardships and look for the easiest and quickest ways to deal with the problem.
There is a need to bring a change in the mental set of the women and the society as a whole. The pregnant women should be given due respect, no matter how they got pregnant. They should be encouraged to give birth to the baby and if they do not want that baby, they should give away the child to the family who wants adoption.
The government should also take serious steps to solve this problem and should allow only in extreme cases. Teen pregnancies should be controlled by creating awareness among the teenage girls about the dangers associated with unsafe sex and its physical, psychological and social consequences. The rate of taxes should be decreased in lower income groups and they should be provided by the government with the basic necessities of life for their children. The government should promote family planning and provide the facility of family planning free of cost. By adopting these measures, the problem of abortion can be solved to some extent.
Abortion is a serious and controversial problem, with many negative outcomes related to physical, psychological and social well being. It has adverse effects on the physical as well as psychological well-being of the women. Our moral, human and religious values do not allow abortion as it is second to commit a murder. There are better solutions such as adoption, available to abortion. Abortion committed due to the selfish reasons is not at all justified.

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