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June 22, 2014

Analysis of Free Trade Agreement Between Korea and United States

Free Trade Agreement between Korea and United States
    Reading, EU-South Korea Free Trade Pact, I found the complete explanation of the trade between Korea and US.
The article is published on the Ebscohost online library in May 2009 and mentions clearly that the Republic of Korea-US Free Trade Agreement is a trade agreement between the United States and Korea.
The article is available in the data base of Ebscohost library MasterFILE Premier. I preferred choosing this article because the details available in this article regarding the free trade agreement between Korea and US.
            After reading the article I felt much more knowledgeable about the true deal of free trade agreement between Korea and US.  The article portrays facts not just opinions, which I feel is much more effective for an audience.  In this case I thought that audience was anyone interested in the subject of free trading, I feel like I could be more active on the reality of the deal between Korea and US when I possibly encounter an event or situation abroad from this reading and without doubt believe I am a part of the intended audience. 
The facts are mentioned in this article for the help of the understanding of the reader and I could get the clear picture of the free trade agreement as I read the complete article. The article mentions that this agreement was initially signed in2007 under the administration of President Bush. However some critics and many congressional Democrats like the UAW, Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Group said that the pact gave Korean automakers too much access to the U.S. market without being paid much in return of this right of entry.
After reading the article my knowledge regarding the free trade agreement between the two countries has increased to a great extent.  The writer has given the facts as well as the personal opinion about the issue he has discussed. According to the writer for example, The December 2010 contract gave a shape to a mutual negotiation between the two countries. Important special considerations were granted to the United States on the deal in automobiles: tariff decreases for Korean automobiles were late for five years, and U.S. automobiles were granted broader access to the market of Korea.
The opinion of the author presents author’s thorough research of the agreement and the article says that the representatives of both the countries decided to set aside disagreements over U.S. beef exports for the moment. The deal was hold up by Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers, both of which had formerly opposed the contract.(
I really liked this article among many articles on the internet as this article is written successfully and it is helpful to get depth of the free trade agreement through the facts and personal opinions of the author of the article. According to t he critics the results of this agreement give the impression of success for example, in the new agreement the United States has taken a decision  to eradicate its 2.5 percent tax on passenger cars in five years instead of only three years.  On the other hand Korea will cut its duty on passenger cars from 8 percent to 4 percent and eradicate it in five years.
In my opinion the article has justified through the facts and personal opinions that the deal with Korea may by no means truly be free or unbiased. But the administration of President Obama has put the efforts making it fair. I have the queries regarding the fact about this prediction available in this article and want to know much about this agreement through some more research.

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