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June 24, 2014

BraveHeart Movie Review

Introduction And Time Period
Main Events
Main Characters
  • William Wallace: this is the main character of the movie played by Mel Gibson. William was a son of a Scottish patriot who was killed by the British (Nix, 2002). He was a very courageous man, who was ignited by the Murder of his wife by an English Sheriff, and joined hands with Scottish rebels against the British rule
  • Edward I: it is the character of King of England, played by Patrick McGoohan. The film portrays him as a ruthless and evil monarch, who does not show any mercy for anyone. He was dominated by the lust for Money, Land and Power
  • Princess Isabella: Princess Isabella was the daughter-in-law of King Edward I, according to the movie. She fell in love with Wallace and disclosed in the end that she was carrying Wallace’s baby
  • Robert Bruce: it is a very confused character played by Angus MacFayden. He agreed to fight with Wallace in the beginning but betrayed him and helped English forces to capture Wallace. After the death of Wallace, Bruce led Scottish army and won their freedom in the Battle of Bannochburn
What Is True And Authentic?
I chose the Movie “Braveheart”, which is a story of a Scottish Hero William Wallace. It is a true story of William Wallace’s struggle against British forces and King of England in 13th century. Film gives a perfect idea to the viewers about the life in Scotland during 13th and 14th centuries (Rhodes, 1995).
Film “Braveheart” tells the story of William Wallace, whose father was killed by the British because he was a Scottish patriot and William was adopted by his uncle. After many years, he returned to his hometown and fell in love with Murron and they both get married. At this point story took a new turn and Murron was killed by an English Sheriff. William killed that Sheriff and started his rebellion, with his followers, against British government. In his struggle, he came close to Princess of Wales, Isabella, and they fell in love. In the end of the Movie, King Edward I, ruler of England at that time, executed him.
Some of the main characters of the movie are:
Movie Braveheart is based on the true character of William Wallace and theme of Scotland’s struggle for independence against English rule (King, 1997). Scottish people rebelled against the forces of England without a leader. When Wallace Joined hands with them, they found a perfect leader in him. In 1297, Wallace defeated English forces in the Battle of Stirling Bridge and entered into England, but English army was far greater than his, so he lost and fled to France to seek help of the King of France. English forces captured him in 1305, and he was executed in London (Wallace).
What Is Not True And Authentic?
First of all the setting of film is not correct. It has shown the time of 1280 when Edward I had tried to taken the throne of Scotland after the death of Alexander III. Actually Alexander III had nominated his granddaughter as his heir, but when she also died, power struggle started between the nobles of Scotland and one of them invited King Edward to come and take over the throne of Scotland. 
William and his father were portrayed as poor persons, which is not true. William’s father, Sir Malcolm Wallace, was not a commoner but a knight from Elderslie (Webster).
            Role of Princess Isabella in the movie is fictional. In reality, she was not even married to Edward II until the death of Wallace. Thus her romance with Wallace, shown in the movie is entirely unauthentic and fictional.
Robert Bruce was not portrayed accurately in the movie. According to the history, he was not in the battle of Falkirk. Although it is true that Robert supported Edward I in his invasion to Scotland in 1296; but this is only because Robert considered himself the real ruler of Scotland (How accurate was Braveheart). 
Those who have done something really noble and grand for the society, for the country or for the humanity at large, find a place in the pages of history. They have become immortal by their deeds, and their names are permanently carved on the niche of time. Time writes no wrinkles on their faces. Such illustrious persons belong to all times and all places. They constantly haunt our minds. Due to this reason I have chosen the movie “Braveheart. Braveheart is a movie worth to watch but it cannot be considered as completely accurate and authentic.

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