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June 17, 2014

Classroom Schedule Designing

Designing a classroom schedule and that also for a preschool class is definitely not an easy task. While planning and preparing the different tasks and activities of the day it is important that they contain a daily dose of healthy and effective learning for children attending the schools. At the same time the activities being carried out need to be changed from time to time to ensure that children are able to enhance and showcase their learning and adaptability skills with time. Since there are some major activities that can be carried out with preschool children, it is essential that all these activities related to the building of a child’s linguistic and other learning skills in an effective manner. During the course of this discussion we will be looking at some of the ways through which teachers can plan their activities for children in a shift from 8am till 5pm.
Classroom Schedule
Greeting time and welcoming of children (8-8:15)
1.      Greet children warmly and take them into the classroom yourself
2.      Allow parents as well who are there to leave their child only
3.      Make preparations of the day such as lunch count and lining up games for the day.
Circle Activity/Large Group Activity (8:15-8:40)
1.      Lead the circle activities by playing a song, poetry or story in the class
2.      Constantly motivate children to participate in these activities
3.      Guide their behavior
4.      Monitor their behavior, especially while taking turns

Choice Time (8:45-9:55)
Choice time is based on providing children to do something that they are interested in on their own. With a large number of items of their interest at display such as blocks, toys and games, colors and library, children choose on their own decide what to do and what not to. During the time when the activity is going on, the teacher needs to:
1.      Observe the children during play
2.      Prepare the activity center for them as per any theme or subject
3.      Help children when they get into trouble
4.      Encourage children to ask questions
5.      Instruct them to clean the place they used after they are done with their work
Meal time (10:00-10:30)
During the meal time it is important for the teacher to ensure that
1.      Advise children not to eat badly and clean any mess that they create
2.      Participate in eating by talking to children and keeping them engaged
3.      Allow children to talk to each other during lunch
Outdoor Play (10:30-11:30)
Preschool children take a lot of interest in outdoor activities as it provides a new meaning to their fun altogether. Hence, it is important that activities done during this entire hour are interactive, engaging and effective.
1.      Organize games and activities that make use of a child’s motor skills
2.      Motivate them to be proactive in doing their activities
3.      Supervise them to ensure that any misbehavior or safety misdemeanor is avoided
4.      Encourage children to work in the form of team
Story time (11:40-12:15)
Story time is mainly based on developing the interest of children in reading books. During this activity make sure that the teacher.
1.      Select stories that are based on a theme for children and free from violence, hatred and racism
2.      Introduce and read the story to children by making them familiar to the plot and characters of the story
3.      Facilitate students to ask questions about the story
Nap Time (12:15- 2:15)
After all the day activities children must be really tired and it is now important to give an hour or two nap in order to refresh them for the new session of activities. During the entire two hour session it is important for the teacher to
1.      Ensure that any sort of disturbance being created by children is avoided
2.      Activities for the following days are planned
Outdoor Activity Time (2:15-3)
Once the nap time is over it is then important to ensure that students are fresh for the activities lined up for remaining hours. However, outdoor play activities must only be done is the weather is appropriate for it, or, alternatively an in house reading or poetry session must be carried out with the children.
Snack Time (3:15-3:45)
The beginning of the snack time is a valuable opportunity for the teacher to closely observe children behavior and attitudes. During this time it is essential for the teacher to ensure
1.      Children eat their lunch without creating a mess of things or making their clothes untidy
2.      They encourage each other and promote sharing of things that they have
3.      Any kind of chaos is controlled in an effective manner
Video Time (4:00-4:45)
The last one or forty five minutes of the day must be attributed to video showing activity for children. The video lined up must be of a cartoon series or animated films that serve an educational purpose or have a proper moral behind it.
1.      Encourage student participation in the activity
2.      Make sure all students are able to connect with what is going in the session
3.      Explain the content of the movie and ask questions from it to children
Departure Time (4:45-5)
1.      Arrange students in a circle
2.      Make them recite prayers before departure
3.      Assist children in the gathering of their bags and books

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