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June 18, 2014

Compare and Contrast Paper Example

With the advent and the innovations that have taken place in the field of information technology in contemporary times the domain of cloud computing has reached new heights and levels of research, application and development. Today, in the world of information technology which has gone through various leaps and bounds the concept of cloud computing and the way it is used has become extremely diversified and convenient in recent times and provides innumerable benefits in terms of data storage and streamlining of various other functions for software development organizations.
During the course of this discussion we will be assessing some of the salient features related to the technology of cloud computing and their contemporary application through the perspective of two articles. These articles that have been penned by Aaron Weiss and Brian Hayes will be evaluated through a comparison and contrast strategy. Talking about the areas of comparison first it is important to state here that there are certain areas of both articles that have immense similarity with each other that need to be considered here.
First and foremost, both articles written by Weiss and Hayes intend to base their articles on the same topic within the same line of dimension. Both articles shed light on the ways through which they can explore greater frontiers in terms of application and usage of cloud computing in ways that can help in a better and more organized learning of the field. This can also be said through the way the formatting and organizing of both articles have been done.
 In addition to this in both articles the key focus with respect to cloud computing and its innovations have been with respect to companies such as Google and IBM. A reason for this can be that being the leaders in their respective segments in the IT industry these organizations have played an instrumental role in innovating the overall landscape of cloud computing. Therefore, both articles make numerous references to Google and IBM and the different type of strategies that they are employing in order to make the entire system of cloud computing much more effective, efficient and stable in terms of usage.
As far as contrasting points between both articles are concerned it is important to mention here that a prominent contrasting point is that in the article written by Weiss only the different advantages or benefits of the cloud computing technology have been discussed without highlighting any negative aspect or cons of the technology on the whole.
In contrast to this, Hayes does not only mention the services and benefits being offered by cloud computing technology, but also the multiple side effects and cons that are related with the process and application on the whole. However, where one article fails to create a balance approach towards cloud computing, the other fails to develop a comprehensive approach towards the entire phenomenon by applying a generalized method in its explanation.
Unlike the services and advantages of cloud computing which have been explained and described with respect to the ways through which they are used in organizations, the negative side of the technology fails to shed light on this aspect completely.



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