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June 22, 2014

Dell Privatization

As stated in the article the reasons behind the sale of Dell and move towards privatization of the company, even though ambiguous can be figured out to some extent. Firstly, looking towards the more ambitious and bright side of things, through its move of privatization Dell will try to achieve and explore some of the areas that it intended to discover.
Some of these areas included an assessment of their merger and acquisitions strategy and planning before going for any such move in the future. At the same time it will also help them in understanding their ambitions in designing and building their enterprise software aims and objectives with greater opportunities landing at their disposal in fields such as health care, public sector and education.
From a technological perspective as a business move Dell’s move towards privatization can be termed as commendable. Primarily, because through this move it will be acquire greater liberty in terms of business planning allowing it to specialize in areas and provide services through which it can maximize its customer base, increase its profit margins and above all take decisions and employ strategies that are currently being carried out by many of its competitors such as HP, Oracle and Intel.
A similar opinion was expressed by Benajmin Pimental, a blogger for MarketWatch who supported the privatization move by Dell stating that with this move the company will have greater scope and options at their disposal through which they can exercise greater technological as well as monetary liberty in placing bigger bets on the future and restructuring their technological as well as corporate strategies in a manner through which they can triumph in the future (Pimental, 2013).

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