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June 17, 2014

Essay on Fact Patterns

Usoft2soft is a privately held internet and software company which is providing quality services to its customers and catering them according to their needs as well. There is a legal issue with this fact of the company’s. In recent years, the company has introduced a new plan as a part of its business plan which is internet video gaming. It gave its users thousands of games which were free to download. The recent study has shown that this expansion has been an absolutely hit worldwide. However, to download and gain access to the internet video gaming, an individual user has to agree to their license agreement before installing a game. But market research shows that only 4% out of many users really go through the entire agreement, other just click on the ‘I Agree’ button and move on with the installation.
As a Chief Executive Officer, there are many issues which arise and concern me. I would like to address about the legal issue with this expansion of the company. Almost every people go on and install it without reading the license agreement which can cause a lot of problems for many users while using it and in the future as well. It results in how people usually fail to read the clauses in the agreement and then just agree which can further cause a lot of issues for the user as well as the company as if any problem arises, the users will start to blame the company even though if we are not responsible for such issues or problems.
As many of the users would not know that the company has clearly stated all the clauses and laws regarding the installation and usage of particular software about how the information of the user and other things such as different histories of the users will be known to the company, will just be ignored when ignoring the license agreement. Hence in a nutshell, I would like to conclude by saying that ignoring the license agreement of any software can either expose an individual’s computer to security risks or it can put your privacy at risk as well. Therefore, going through the license agreement once will be beneficial for the user as well as the company.
The second fact of the company which has political issue for a very long time with the government and it is still a threat to the company. In the late 2012, the company launched a game which was very much related to the country’s politics. The name of this game was United States vs. Us. It eventually became a great hit worldwide and the users of this game were allowed to play as a character of Edward Snowden. Just for information to the people who do not know, Edward Snowden is an American computer specialist who has worked for CIA and NSA as well leaking crucial information about the English and American governments. Basically, the game criticizes the government of the United States.
The main objective of the game is to steal some vital information of the country and also it shows escaping and running away from the hands of the government easily.  This game created a clear path for several users to make political statements freely.
Therefore, due to critical conditions the government of the United States has asked our company to remove any such comments that harm their integrity. There have been two requests sent by the government to our company regarding shutting down this game. Otherwise, the outcome of ignorance will be a bad result for our company. The government expects our company to adhere to their requests and agree with what they want. In my opinion, I believe that taking this step will be best for the business and this company as well.
Clearly the federal government has the authority to regulate patents and copyrights, as it has done. However, by virtue of its power over interstate commerce, the federal government also may make policies regarding trademarks and trade secrets, as long as a business is involved in some interstate activity (Burgunder, 2011).


Burgunder, L. B. (2011). Legal aspects of managing technology. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning.


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