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June 24, 2014

How to Develop a Math Center

                                                   Developing a Math Center
In order to develop a proper center for mathematics it is important to understand the basic necessities and prerequisites that it should be equipped with. With the help of such math centers students are able to develop an early acquaintance and connection with numbers, numeric and other important fundamentals of mathematics. Since for many students, mathematics has always been nothing less than a nightmare, it is therefore important that through the help of these math centers they are able to fulfill their need of understanding the basics of mathematics. At the same time it is also important to consider some of the key factors that need to be present in a math center through which it can effectively fulfill its purpose especially for children.
First and foremost, it is important that the math center must have the teachers and other faculty members that can help children in learning and developing an admiration for this subject in a proper way. The process of this student engagement will take place by developing interest in students through creative strategies and their application.
One of such strategies can be in the form of using colorful items which are attractive enough to entice children so that they can easily engage in such activities (Bullard, 2010). This can include activities such as placing toffees and other similar nature items in front of children and then helping them in adding or subtracting numbers by sharing these things with their classmates. With the help of such techniques children will not only understand the ways through which subtraction and addition are carried out, but will also be able to develop the habit of sharing with their friends.
As far as appropriate materials in these classes are required some of the key ones will include items such as shapes in large sizes from rectangle to square and square to triangle. It should also include charts of different tables mainly of two and three and along with this other miscellaneous items will include marbles, candies, number joining series activities that help students in making a certain object and also revise and further furnish their counting skills.    


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