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June 22, 2014

IT Management Implementation Plan

Terms of contract
1.      NetSuite will provide proper installation and deployment of the different technological services that will be used by Calypso.
2.      It will also be responsible for the management and streamlining of the different functions encountered by the IS and IT infrastructure once it is deployed.
3.      Technical experts from NetSuite will also conduct regular workshops and trainings through which they will acquaint and connect the in house technical staff of the company with the nature of the technical system established
4.      For a certain period of time around 2-3 expert employees of Netsuite will be working in Calypso to help in the deployment of different systems in an effective manner
5.      For one whole year NetSuite will provide its services to Calypso at half the rate.
6.      During this time any errors occurring in the system or malfunction will be resolved by NetSuite with no additional charges demanded for it
7.      The shelf life of this contract is three years. After the completion of three years the price set for the renewal of contract will be decided mutually by both parties
8.      During one and a half year of service any malfunction in any tools or machine will be repaired by NetSuite totally free of cost.
9.      Both parties have the right to terminate the contract at any given point of time.

System Description
The key and core focus of the new system which is being incorporated has been based on the sole concept through which expenses and costs of technological and operational services being used in Calypso can be used in a more efficient manner and the utilization of resources available can be made use of as economically as possible. At the same time the system that is now being provided by NetSuite to Calypso will provide the organization with the convenience through which they can customize different operations as per the new ERP and SAP system in an effective and efficient manner. Furthermore, on the technical spectrum of things there are many incentives that Calypso can avail by acquiring services from NetSuite such as managing and curbing of expenses in the form of software licenses when deploying Oracle ERP and Cloud ERP for financial reporting and managing of IT and IS systems. Hence, with the nature of system that NetSuite intends to deploy in Calypso the organization will have an edge when dealing with financial or technical nature of problems and complications.
Assumptions and Constraints
·         The system deployed and implemented will remain immune to all kinds of natural disasters
·         There will be no disruption in operationalizing of different tasks of the supply chain under any condition
·         All tasks planned as they fall under the domain of different departments will take place as scheduled
·         Keeping in mind that the shipping industry is going through an economically tough time and is prone to natural disasters, things may delayed or even shelved permanently.
·         Budget approval for the deployment and purchase of different resources and infrastructure may delay the entire implementation process
·         Different departments have different agendas on their priority, it might be difficult to bring all of them onboard at the same time
·         Product and interface development may serve as a constraint in the entire process as well
·         Competitive context and approach may also serve as a barrier, entry of any new service provider can only cause the organization to shift their priority and plans regarding system deployment and implementation
System Organization
In order to effectively and efficiently organize and structure the system it is important for Calypso to realize and analyze the internal problems that it is currently confronted with. One of the major problems that the company is currently going through is in the form of limited resource available in the IT department that is burdened with loads of work flowing from different areas of the organization. As the first step to streamline the process it is important that the company apart from hiring new people in the department, as a first measure breaks the department currently present into two segments.
One segment of the department must be assigned tasks that involve local errors of network, computer crashes, internet operations and others of similar nature. The other half must deal with the development of financial reporting and preparing of files required by different departments. Second important thing for effective system organization is to ensure that the data being prepared is correct and is delivered to the concerned department without any delays and presence of errors. This needs to be made possible with the presence of an intermediary department of Quality Assurance that will serve as the gatekeeper for the reports being prepared. It will register any errors and make sure that they are rectified before they the reports are delivered.
Project Implementation
An easy way through which the implementation stages and processes involved regarding the project can be understood is through connecting the different systems through their Internet Protocols or IPs. Once the team has been selected from the IT department who will be handling the tasks related to financial reporting, the IPs of their system will then be provided with the access through which they can connect with the systems of other people in charge and responsible for the proper and effective reporting of all financial documents.
This will help the organization in interconnecting the different systems and in that way documents prepared can instantly be retrieved, transferred or uploaded in any of the system folder that needs to be provided with the required document. The formation of a local and dedicated IP based ERP will enable people to have proper data and record at all times and with its presence on a local server, the complication it might encounter in the form of internet or any other network disruption can easily be avoided.
As far as the approach in terms of implementation is concerned it is important to understand that the system cannot be deployed or implemented unless all resources from the IT department in it are taken onboard properly. Among all these, first and foremost it is important for the organization to realize and understand the fact that since IT and IS are pivotal departments of an organization like Calypso, it is therefore important for each employee of the organization to be properly connected and acquainted with the changes that are taking place in this sector and domain.
Major Tasks
The major tasks as per the new system would be based on devising ways through which financial reporting can be made smoother, efficient as well as streamlined. At the same time the presence of data and its transfer channels need to be enhanced and made hassle free as well. In the implementation process it is important that from NetSuite as well as Calypso a joint strategy is formulated. From the NetSuite team major tasks will include:
·         Conducting proper training and workshops with the IT department for connecting them with the nature of system being deployed
·         Meetings with higher management to ensure that at all levels, all information is properly communicated and transferred in an appropriate manner
·         Coordinating with the management to segment the IT department for the preparation of financial reports
·         Marking a team of people that would comprise the QA department of financial reporting and will be answerable to senior management
·         Deployment of proper systems through which networking through IP generated protocols can be used for data transfer in different offices
·         Setting privacy measures that restrict access to users of different grades to view the files
·         Removing any shortcomings that may still prevail in the process
On Calypso’s end they would be
  • Ensure that all prerequisites have been fulfilled before the implementation date
  • Provide personnel for the implementation team
  • Acquire special hardware or software
  • Perform data conversion before loading data into the system
·         Prepare site facilities for implementation
·         Prepare budgets for approval to provide it without any delay
·         Assess the outcomes of the trainings and learning being held with the IT department
Implementation Schedule
Priority 1: Allocating IPs to network department members and connecting with the changes about to take with the new system
Priority 2: Conducting proper training and workshop sessions with these people to help them better understand the system
Priority 3: Assign them with a full day through which they run the system on the basis of trial and error
Priority 4: Incorporate them with tools available online either free or paid through which they can help and perform their tasks quickly
Priority 5: Since most of these reports are prepared on Excel, it is also important to help IT people understand the dynamics and ways through which their working can be made easier
Priority 6: Take other departments on board to acquaint them with the changes that are about to take place. This can also be done by Calypso later.
Security and Privacy
Security and privacy of data are some crucial factors that need to be considered here. In the case of IPs there is always a probability that it can easily be communicated to the other person who can access the information. In order to ensure safety of data at all times each user working on the financial reporting end will have a secret code that he will have to apply in order to access the file. This code will be generated automatically and will change itself after every 3-4 hours without any manual intervention.
 If any other user even tries to access the data he will not be able to enter the files until and unless he does enter the right code. Also, if the code entered is marked incorrect three times an email will be generated automatically to find out the problem that is going on so that it can be rectified without any delay.
Implementation Support
On the software level support will be provided to personnel involved in the tasks of financial reporting in the form of installation of tools through which different financial handlings and reporting that they have to can be done without any hassle. Apart from installation of software, simple know how regarding excel will also be useful such as application of formulas and how updating one sheet changes result accordingly in all others will also be helpful.
Furthermore, other support will be provided in the form of NetSuite employees who will be present in Calypso as per the conditions of the agreement to serve as guide for the IT department people in the form of their theoretical as well as practical training in all aspects and areas.
In an attempt to help them understand the change of getting NetSuite on board it is important that employees understand the loopholes that existed earlier and how the entry of a new service provider can help in filling them. Hence, as the first and primary step of the implementation process it is important that proper workshops and events are held through which employees irrespective of the department they are in can help in getting acquainted with the ways through which developmental efforts are being encouraged. The workshop will be based on some key features which would comprise off:
·         The need for getting a new technology service provider on board
·         Glitches present in the previous flow of information and data processing as conducted by the IT and IS departments respectively
·         How will the new system deployed and services offered by the new company help in solving the loopholes present
·         How can it encourage and hasten the entire process of data processing and managing
·         To what extent will the services provided by NetSuite help in achieving the ultimate objective of profit maximization and expansion
With the initial step of conducting a workshop different departments will be able to provide their feedback and input about the ways through which the new system can be deployed in a more effective manner. At the same time it is also important for the implementation plan to be successful and effective it is necessary that the people in the technology department and also those from NetSuite are present within the premises of the company for a couple of days or at least a week so that the people managing the IS and IT domains are carefully handled and connected with the ways through which they can manage the different functions and responsibilities that they have to fulfill in an efficient as well as effective manner.

Implementation Impact
With the deployment of the new system that will allow greater scope of learning and diversification of resources in the organization things will become convenient, less dependent on external factors, more streamlined as well as structured in an effective manner. The transfer of data and its amount of time consumption which was always a key issue for Calypso will be resolved without any trouble or hassle. At the same time the segmentation of resources in the IT department will further enhance the focus of the particular resource and will prevent from getting them overburdened with multitasking.
Performance Monitoring
A simple way of doing this will simply be to distribute an online questionnaire throughout the organization to help people understand the new system as well as get their feedback regarding the deployment as well. In addition to this only for the IT department it is important that a pre-training and post training assessment is also conducted so that their approach towards problem solving, issue handling and reporting can be communicated in an effective manner. With the deployment of the new system and its post assessment for the people will provide a clear view whether they have been able to understand and connect with the new system or not.


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