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June 27, 2014

Principles of Management- Plaisio Computers

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Plaisio Computer S.A. is a Greek IT company established by a 23 years old National Technological University student, George Gerardos in 1969. Since its establishment, Plaisio has been growing at an exponential pace and has been included in Europe’s 500 fastest growing companies for the last several years (The Mall). It has a workforce of 1200 employees and considered as the leading computers and accessories supply Company of Greece.
Plaisio Computers is especially recognized for its after sales services. The products of the company are distributed through 27 company owned stores in Greece and one store in Bulgaria. In addition to that, Plaisio Computers has a dedicated B2B site which serves 150,000 businesses. One of the major success factors of the company is selling directly to the customer, eliminating the middlemen retailers, down time and costs, factors which could render the company understanding of customer expectations. This direct sales model allows the customer, build custom systems of various configurations and at competitive prices.
Plaisio has also diversified its business in the field of telecommunication and provides wireless and Internet connection services to telecommunication companies like Vodafone and Cosmote (Financial Times).
Mission Statement
The mission statement of the company is well aligned with the needs of its customers. The company values its customers and its corporate social responsibility. The mission statement of the company is as follows:
·         “Make sure that customers always receive products and services in the best available quality and price; Use technology effectively in all stages of the value chain;
·         Broaden the consumer awareness regarding technology;
·         Interpret and adjust to emerging consumer needs and product trends (continuous market change);
·         Show respect to the environment;
·         Ensure personnel satisfaction and reward;
·         Expand internationally” (Valuation and Research Specialists)
Organizations and business enterprises today are looking forward to develop greater innovations and advancements within the organizational structure by either the introduction of novel management technologies in the form of complex and highly technical oriented information systems which help in the performance and the triumphant execution of sophisticated and highly complicated information and technology related issues and problems. Apart from these the organization with the implementation on such reforms will be able to formulate its strategic objectives and explore greater areas of profitability begetting organizational progress
In order to formulate a proper strategy, the first step is to identify the objectives of the strategy. Plaisio Computers Company believes in continuous growth and recognition within the market. Company’s  long term objectives is to streamline its product portfolio in order to focus on essential products that serve the marketing strategy and business brand needs to align strategic vision in the medium to long term and stick to it.
PEST Analysis
Politics, has affected the success and growth of any business by affecting the decision-making processes as revealed by the studies of decision-making. The advantages offered by the environment of Greece are political and social stability, which is essential to any development, a favourable geographical environment, which gives access to a huge market and enormous potential.
The recent economic meltdown and the overall economic situation of Greece is a hurdle for the growth of Plaisio Computers. In addition to that Greece has a shortage of skilled human resource. In order to remain competitive in negative economic conditions, Plaisio Computers has not only diversified its product portfolio but it also expanded its horizon and markets by using e-stores to reach global markets.
The socio-cultural aspects of the society play an important role in the success of the company. Any organization’s relationship with its customers is strengthened when it is committed to offering them superior value. Receiving superior value enhances customer’s loyalty to the firm that provides it. Evidence suggests that loyalty has a positive relationship with profitability. It is a challenge for organizations to decide on which special needs of their customers they should focus. The ongoing competition between different organizations at global level, give many attractive options to the customers.
Plaisio Computers believe in providing the best after sales service to their customers which helps the company to achieve customers’ loyalty. Currently the Internet penetration of Greece is still low which means that as the usage of Internet and Telecommunication devices increase so the sales of the company also increase.
Always changing and growing wave of new technology also encourages additional challenge. To stay on top one has to constantly come up with new and innovative ways to improve or create new products that customers want to be together with the demand. Plaisio Computers is truly a leader in innovation, but when it introduces new ideas and technology, competition is always nipping at their heels.
Today, Plaisio Computers continues to improve and expand the fundamental competitive advantage of direct model making increasing use of the inherent efficiencies of the Internet in all phases of their business. It also works closely with many of its clients to help them launch the technologies they will need to exploit the efficiencies of the Internet. The path of Plaisio Computers is amazing. However, it would be much better not to dissociate the obvious success of Plaisio Computers’ technological-business and management practiced within the company.
SWOT Analysis
·         Plaisio Computers has been in business since 1969 and the company is continuously growing and expanding its services since then
·         Company reduces costs significantly by consolidating its five warehouses into one
·         Company enjoys enhanced warehouse productivity due to the use of RF technology
·         One of the first companies in Greece which adopted SAP Solutions
·         Use E-stores to sell the products directly to the customers
·         Included in Europe’s 500 fastest growing companies for the last several years
·         Decentralized Management Style
·         Complex business model
·         Company lacks appropriate human resource to expand its services further
·         Conditions for computer sales are getting better in the country
·         The number of Internet users is increasing which means that Plaisio computers can generate more business through its e-stores
·         The market of telecommunication products is growing
·         Intense competition in the field of computer sales
·         Economic condition of the country is not encouraging
Strategy Formulation
To achieve the business targets, it is necessary to build up some strategies apart from company’s contribution echelon. Providing services to the user can go a long way to promoting a vibrant business society, especially those services that facilitate communication among organizations. For instance, the strategy could be to develop good relationship with the customers a strategy might be use by providing a web based call center facility. The product diversification is also an element of the strategy.
Plaisio Computers maintains to strive for excellent worker relationships and to work contributively with prepared toil. The purpose of presenting these approaches is to make certain that the providing of service is improved in an atmosphere featured by righteousness of employment, ethnic assortment and translucency. Human Recourse Development will be needed to improve human resource policies which are incorporated with their tactical and equipped strategy, to make certain that their expected recruitment requirements are fulfilled. These policies will comprise particular service impartial goals and aims for accomplishing an emissary staff.
The need of personal development planning is ignited into the employees of Plaisio Computers through education, career development and self improvement. Hence, the employees become more aware about their strengths, weaknesses, competency, need of training and education. The dedicated and satisfied staff of the company is the basic resource and strength of the company.
One of the most important success key factors for Plaisio Computers is its marketing strategy because it has to compete with the giants like Dell and HP. The market potential for Plaisio Computers is enormous. There is a huge demand of computers in the market, which has increased the importance of Plaisio Computers. It does not spend much on advertising and use word of mouth as their primary and basic source of advertising.
The company provides complete customization of the products for the 100 percent satisfaction of the customer. Plaisio Computers believes that a satisfied customer is a returning customer that is why it tries to provide the product which is best suited to the customer’s need. This relationship will not only help the company to grow its business but the satisfied customers will also work for its advertising through word of mouth.
In circumstances when Plaisio Computers has to face serious competition from companies like Dell, Compaq and HP, it is important that an effective public relation campaign coupled with the expertise of the marketing consultants of the company is orchestrated in order to face the giants of the sector. An effective way of doing it is to advertise their products by lowering the prices of its products in order to entice customers, create more opportunities through which it can associate itself with the feelings and emotions of the people.
The organization should set a core principle as its main objective is to emphasize on increasing the wealth of its shareholders. The profit of organization will automatically swell. The senior management should monitor the business process more closely. The advance long term alliances will help to keep the stakeholders rights and benefits save.  The organization will need to make its relationships more secure and more pleasant with the clients, associated business partners and specifically with its employees in the organizations own interest.
Organizational Structure
Plaisio Computers is a basic but well thought out Company that has a wide variety of company structure and outward appearance of being a well put together company.  Plaisio Computers has set some rules based on their main focus and aim to provide an aggressive range of creativeness for their company’s benefit for their employees. The management style of Plaisio Computers has enforced the lattice structure which is a very complex and entirely different from conventional structure.  The lattice structure uses direct lines of communication with individuals. It does not have an intermediary, it give employees a chance to work out their own problems. This structure also has no fixed or assigned authority which is a major strength because what some people cannot handle, others will tell them what to do or how to necessarily do a particular task.
The structure allows employees to grow within the company by developing interpersonal relationships, gives self commitment, responsibilities, leadership and discipline. The policy of the organization has a firm position, which is based on non-discriminatory standards of the workforce hiring practices. The company believes that all employees will be given the same benefits as the other employees.  The company is not hiring people to just fill the empty position in the company, but they are also focusing on the flexibility and the unique environment of the company that will ensure the strengths of the new workers. 
            Small working teams did interact with each other, and therefore, they were working in a more professional environment.  The teams were known to produce a product, which is to complete a given task that involved team work, because these workers do not have the stress of their bosses and their performance level was at its best and it also increased their ability to become productive leaders.
The term culture has been borrowed from anthropology where there is no consensus on its meaning. It is the collection of common views, expectations and beliefs of the members of the organizations. These values and norms which constitute corporate culture are not in writing but are understood by all the members of the organization. Even the newcomers to the organization get to know them either through formal training programs and orientations or from their peers. When members of an organization share the same values, they will become more cohesive and committed to their goals. Such commitment is essential for better performance and productivity improvement. Although it is not visible, corporate culture still exists and influences people and activities in organizations.
Many leaders believe that organizational excellence can be achieved through effectively managing corporate cultures. It is sometimes observed that most managers do not know how to manage culture because of their lack of knowledge in monitoring and changing an ailing corporate culture although they realize that corporate culture is critical to corporate success. Basically managing culture involves identifying the existing norms, values and beliefs, comparing them against the desired values, norms and beliefs, and planning and implementing the socialization process systematically.
Plaisio Computers has a strong culture of its own. All their employees adhere to the norms of company’s culture; the culture is even transferred to all the trainees and temporary employees. The company has an open and free culture which does not show any discrimination for anyone. The culture of Plaisio computers provides a sense of belonging to the employees.  Even in the most stable environments, change is constant, no matter how slight. Plaisio Computers adapts change easily and thus proves itself a dynamic company.
George Gerardos is the founder and Managing Director of the company. George Gerardos shares power and deemphasize individual glory. He is flexible and adaptable, thus welcoming change. George Gerardos functions as facilitator who brings out the best in others while still being inspirational. He understands that sharing power with group members multiplies their own power. As the team members become stronger, so does the leader. A related attitude is that team leaders are not threatened by sharing power. They are therefore willing to surround themselves with capable people in order to multiply the effectiveness of the team. His inspiring personality alone can foster teamwork. Yet he can encourage teamwork, through certain behaviors and attitudes.  
Plaisio Computers has a Board of Directors comprising of six directors among which two are independent non executive directors (Plaisio).  Effective board of directors is of prime importance to control the company as well as to have good corporate governance which is necessary for the high productivity and performance of the company. 
The most important task of the board in Plaisio Computer is whatever role changed is to maximize shareholder interests. The basic responsibility of company’s board is to make company profitable for the shareholders (Alessandra, 2003). As a result, the board should always act on behalf of the shareholder's interests rather than those of themselves.
Management control has become the cornerstone of the fact that it is a source of progress and potential improvement in all types of businesses. This is a feature that aims to motivate responsible for, and encourage them to carry out activities contributing to the goals of the organization. It is a response to a number of business problems for which finding solutions is clear: rising costs, and disruption of services within the company.
Today, with the globalization of the economy and the opening of borders, firms compete very aggressively to sell their products in a market where only the well-organized companies can afford a great deal of competition market. Conversely, companies with low organization are bound to marginalize or even disappear. The survival of such a company necessarily involves improving their performance. So the control of management can be seen as an improvement of the economic performance of the company, it is an effective tool when the stated objectives are achieved and efficiency when the quantities obtained are maximized from an amount of resources.
Plaisio Computers has used Total Quality Management technique for maintaining quality within the organization. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a new organizational technology (taking into account the central role of creation and allocation of knowledge in the creation of value. Total Quality Management, as a new method, based on organizational coordination mechanisms cooperative to improve the quality of products and services and the effectiveness of production of the firm.
In Plaisio Computers, improvement is implemented by mobilizing groups to improve quality. The great principle underlying the method of working groups to improve quality means they are made up of staff who provide the service concerned, and supervision to be capable of finding effective solutions to problems that arise.


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