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June 25, 2014

Same Sex Marriage

From the very inception of God’s disclosure to humanity, He disclosed His command of making, particularly as it concerns to our sexual attraction. As mentioned in the Genesis 1 it has been declared that God’s intention of making the two genders was that because of the sexual unification of man and woman could persist to breed the human kind. “Male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen.1:27-28).
It is better explained in Genesis 2, additionally to proliferation and the enduring of the human race, there is a requirement for camaraderie. “And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him,” (Gen- 2:18) so God create female from the flanking bone close to man heart. Later than God made Eve and offered to Adam, Adam gets excited and loudly says “Woman” that’s woman in initial interaction. So God organized how they were to perform, as a family unit “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Gen. 2:24-25).
God also directs the establishment of wedding; male came across his unison and accomplishment by somebody of the opposed gender, the female. It is also instructed by God that the male would “go away from his parents,” (who were male’s procreators) “hew to his spouse,” and (merely one) “and the both shall turned into one family.” From this we discover hetero sexual pairs are God’s usual command of formation for wedding.
Regardless in the previous or the latest Bible, every time the topic of sexual attraction is conversed the hetero sexual affairs of wedding are consistently sustained, not any other choice available. For instance, Jesus, replying a query, quotes both Genesis: “Have you not: read, that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female, and For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they two shall become one flesh.” That’s why they are no more two but one, family. For that reason, what God has tied as one in wedding must not be estranged.
At present there are some people who wish to takes place this severance not just for them but for every individual who also decided to become gay, homosexual or lesbian as their lawful right. They demand same sexual appeal is genetic exactly as hetero sexuality is. It is still unproved by the science.
Sexual preference has now been transformed into being more than a man living with a woman or otherwise. Terms such as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender are slowly being incorporated into the daily colloquial of gender preference. Some experts agree that with the changing times, the ideas that used to be taboo are coming out of the closet, literally. More than the acceptance of an individual with his or her preference and more than the acceptance of the society in his or her identity, the LGBT communities around the world are slowly voicing out their concerns against discrimination. More than finding a partner, LGBT activists want to get out of the shackles of the conventional community by finding ways on how to legalize same sex marriage. For these people, child-rearing as one of the basic foundations of marriage may not work but marriage is one step for them to actually take hold of that responsibility of transmitting human life. Through the legalities of marriage, putting up a family, non-traditional family, is possible through adoption or other unconventional ways.
Relationships of same sex have been slowly being accepted in the society through efforts of the advocates but they are still not allowed to marry. Some states considered a new form of commitment by incorporating “civil union” in their marriage laws without actually calling this union as marriage. The current grounds of the US Constitution say that when a certain state makes a law, the other states should recognize it. For example, a lesbian couple married in San Francisco should be considered a legal couple even when they move to New York. In effect, it is as if, same sex marriage is allowed in the entire country even if their Constitution says otherwise. Because of these differences in the legal system of the different States, some politicians have been calling for amendments regarding their Constitution.
Those who are attracted by both male and female or in other words “BI-SEXUAL” are not supporting any kind of inheritance urgings. They believe that they have the right of selection and are living in a way which is much better and well culture than others. Opposite sexual attraction is an innate biological behavior of the human body. Same sex activities have, at all times, been an extreme trivial in all civilizations through periods. A lesser trivial in the same sex activists group desire to look their program be provided in educational institutes. The syllabus that contains the paperback like Heather has two mommies, Daddy’s Wedding; Daddy’s Roommate, which would be edified as a practical choice for their way of life. Conceive kids being edified that culture acknowledged this as a domestic relations.
Just think about the approaching period with a very little number of family units as we identify it these days. How would we raise our families and who takes your family name alive in future? Seems unnatural and absurd!
Anyhow if the homosexual plan be successful as our future society seems to be. As an alternative of the family units at present, two fathers and two mothers would be seen as a family unit and despite the fact of their natural ability of having children they will be dependant on others to become parents. On the other hand several parents who are not able to have kids due to some natal problems, this would be the law for ALL same sex marriages.
An additional contemplation is this way of life employed for managing inhabitant, which we all hear very often. Think for a moment what happened if homosexuals were to succeed and start manipulated the society and almost every one be converted into homosexual.  The conventional family units are totally vanished and consequently the birth rate becomes lower and there will be no more adoption of children as people have not enough time for progeny. Eventually the unnatural way of living would purge the human race soon.
Some people argued that gladness is the legal privilege of everyone. But here, the researcher trying to focus that people gets enjoyment by doing so many eccentric things which does not mean that you permitted drugs in your country just for the sake of one’s happiness. Several persons are pleased when they use strength and influence on others. How to differentiate the happiness and destructiveness? We have to prepare ourselves to face the challenge.
Some people quarrel about the conventional marriage and call others narrow minded. But this is further than simply broad mindedness they are asking for ahead of forbearance. To understand this scenario we observe these examples. People who think that polygamist wedding must be permitted to wed with multiple better halves. Who’s to declare it should be just for one pair. This can overtake a male and female, lady to lady or guy to guy, to males to males or females to females. They also have the same privileges, and you can not stop them. Think if the man chooses his daughter as his bride and two sisters or two brothers or mother wants to marry her son, grandson or son in law?  What would have happened then? At present it is unlawful but in this kind of legitimacy to say no, would in that case be sexual prejudice.
 How would you express your disagreement when some influential groups declare that the marriage age should not be exceeding to 10 years old? How would you stop them if they so decided? What happened if they told that kids have the privilege to select sexual companions at any age, it’s a concern of liberty and according to the constitutional law? These circumstances can lead society in any direction as soon as the control boundaries will be removed. Lets have a look two decades back when no one can even think about what have occurring now a days or just imagine what would be happen after two decades if such kinds of wedding be permissible legitimately.

“In the back ground of America’s jumbled passion with broad mindedness, which requires we recognize same sexual activities as natural, we refuse to go any further. Controlling same sexual activities as a ‘preferred way of life’ necessarily wants the acknowledgment of same sex marriage: the most hard assailed without any intervene on God’s made command, and the surest direction to damage a society, which depends on the family unit for its proliferation.” (Chuck Colson, March 1993)


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