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June 27, 2014

Should Homosexual Couples Be Allowed to Adopt

Homosexuals are not mentally disordered people. They are quite normal in other aspects of life and may have a caring, loving and responsible personality. On the other hand, there are no distinctive qualities for a person to become a parent. In such circumstances, it can be deduced that a homosexual couples can raise good and healthy children if they have been given the chance.
Florida Law
All the States of United States have already passed the law which gives the legal right to a homosexual couples to adopt a child except Florida. Florida has imposed a ban on homosexual couples’ child adoption right. In 2008, State Department of Children and Families had issued a ruling which prohibited the homosexual couples to adopt a child on the basis that the children nurtured in a homosexual family may have more chances to involve in sex in early age and suffered more domestic violence.
Nevertheless, recently Florida, through a ruling of 3 judges panel, lift the ban on the ground that no solid evidence has been found to support the ban and the State’s experts opinion were not found valid.
Should Homosexual couples are allowed legally to adopt?
The act of adoption is to enable orphans to be cared for in families to facilitate their development and give them a chance to succeed in society. The primary beneficiary of the adoption is first and foremost an orphan, not people who adopt. Over time, the desire for children and desire to have children has gradually become a right to the child. The essential question, and the only merit to be asked in the debate on the adoption, is whether the right of the child is legitimate or not? (Lerner & Lerner, 2006)
If one considers, however, that the right of the child is not totally legitimate, it can even be dangerous term because it puts the company in a position of responsibility to "provide" children the couples who so request, then we must oppose the adoption by homosexual couples. For the sake of consistency, this implies also back on the possibility for singles to adopt. Indeed, many oppose homosexual adoption on behalf of the balance in the construction of the child, which would be more easily achieved with heterosexual and homosexual parents. Indeed, the balance of a child is due to a multitude of factors and the sexual orientation of parents being one among many and certainly not the most essential. It is not possible to multiply experiments, "all things being equal", it is very difficult, if not impossible, to identify the influence of these factors.
Opposing homosexual adoption solely on the basis that this could jeopardize the child, then enter a dangerous acceptance of the precautionary principle, which could then be extended to other factors. In fact most of the studies depicted that the issue of adopted homosexual parents do not have negative effects for children. Instead, the only psychological influences on children from the love given by his parents, availability of education they give. Now all these objective data do not depend on the nature of the parental couple (heterosexual or homosexual), but rather the question of the desire of the child. Now there is inherently more risk for heterosexual couples to conceive an unwanted child rather than a homosexual couple who wants to adopt a child.
One of the arguments against the possibility adoption for same sex couples is that children develop defects and will suffer a social failure. This argument does not hold, and for several reasons. On the one hand, it is a pseudo-argument because it does not describe the meaning of the generic categories of "father" and "mother" in the Freudian theory of complex Oedipus. On the other hand, because the reality is that children raised  by homosexual parents are doing very well, and become, moreover, not necessarily homosexual. The social failure may arise, in turn, is the same causes as the children of heterosexual couples, or a form of on-repression. This is the case of the pressure that society can put on gay parents and their children, that others may keep them, segregation phenomena they can make them suffer, and therefore trauma that can cause these forms of discrimination (Lerner & Lerner, 2006).
The norms and values of society are changing at a rapid pace. Something which was not acceptable earlier now become a routine and embeds in our society. Homosexual marriages, which were not seen legitimate and ethical earlier, now not only have legal protection but they also are accepted by the pundits of society.
Thus, in such circumstances, it seems appropriate to provide the legal right to the homosexual couples to adopt children because the research revealed that the homosexual couples can also be as good parents as heterosexual couples.


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