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June 17, 2014

Under Armour Strategy

Under Armour was established in 1996 with an aim to provide performance enhancing clothes and apparels. The key elements of strategy of Under Armour are as follows:
The company primarily focuses on differentiation by putting high skills and creativity in developing the apparels that are different from that of competitors. The company adopts certain processes to provide value addition to the customers.
The company tends to lay special attention on innovation of the product to remain competitive in the market. The products related to temperature for the athletes for enhancing their performance like TurgGear, ColdGEar, HotGear, etc are examples of innovative products of the company.
The company provides the products in sleek and cool packaging that attracts the customers and grabs their attention. The company endeavors retain customer loyalty through providing value in the products. 
Integrated Communication
Integrating communication is one of the important elements of Under Armour’s strategy that helps the company to maintain same set of objectives throughout the organization and it also enables the company to know the trends, demands and wants of the customers which it reflects in its products.
The company attempts to maintain such a price for its products that can retain the customers for long term and that may result in developing successful referrals.
Social Advertising
The company also brings interactive advertising by using social media like facebook, twitter, etc which helps to take instant feedback from the customers.
Image Building
The company has policy of practicing corporate social responsibility that helps the company build its image and brand equity.


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