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June 19, 2014

Using Chinese Tea to Lose Weight

11:49 PM

People across the world are concerned about being overweight especially in the US where obesity has added to these woes.  There are hundreds of proposed ways through which you can lose your weight and the Chinese Tea method is one of them that has gained popular attention over the years.  The tea is beneficial and helps lose weight quickly.  This method, however, should be used with extreme caution as the over consumption can lead to other health issues. The modest use of Chinese Tea can do wonders for you.

Get up in the Morning and Drink Chinese Tea before anything else

It is great to have the Chinese Tea as the first thing in the morning.  It does not take long to prepare a cup of Chinese Tea. All you have to do is boil a cup of water and add Chinese Tea bag to it. The start of the routine will set the tone for the rest of the day.

Lunch Time
Similarly, you should drink a cup of Chinese Tea before tucking in your lunch. This will help you keep you hunger at a controllable level. When you don’t eat excessively, you avoid the risk of gaining fat. It might take you conscious efforts to build this habit but consistency will pay off in a surefire manner.

Drink it Before Sleep
Keep the reminder that you cannot go to sleep without having a cup of Chinese Tea. This way you will be ensuring that all the food you have had in the day digests well and keep you from gaining weight.  It will keep your body healthy as well.  Follow this method until you have achieved the desired results. A month or two is enough to see the results. However, the obsessive use of Chinese Tea can also create health problems. Be modest and good luck with your weight loss endeavors.


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