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July 11, 2014

3 Most Overrated Exercises in the World

11:26 AM

We do exercises to stay healthy and fit. There are certainly some very common and popular exercises we do every day. Here are the three most overrated exercises in the world. I am sure you will like the post and will find it to be useful. Make sure you do these exercises only when your body allows. Because it is now summer time and not all of us can go for these exercises.
True that yoga is good for health, but it has become one of the over rated exercises. Yoga is being done by the female and male celebrities of bollywood and hollywood. This is because they want to stay fit, active and energetic.
Brisk walk:
Brisk walk is another type of overrated exercise. We should walk in the garden every day, but that does not mean we are always ready to do that. Sometimes our stamina does not allow us to do brisk walk.
Push ups:
The push ups are done by every bodybuilder. It is an effective exercise, and of course the overrated one. We should keep in mind that the push ups are not ideal for all of us. It requires a lot of strength and stamina which not all of us have. This is why, this exercise should be avoided by those with weak bodies and low level of stamina.


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