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July 22, 2014

3 Most Unwanted Jobs In the World

In today’s scenario when unemployment has taken the place in our societies, it is really tough to find an appropriate job for ourselves. Certainly there are a lot of jobs which are considered to be good. Some of them are worst because they require a lot of attention, dedication and hard work, but pay pennies. So let us see which are 3 most underpaid and underrated jobs in the world?
Kitchen washer:
The kitchen washers remain busy the whole day in the big hotels, restaurants and food chains. What an awful thing is that they are paid pennies. The surveys have proved that about half of the population of the illiterate individuals prefers to work as kitchen washers. They wash the utensils, plates, glasses and other things the whole day.
Washroom cleaner:
Who would like to become a washroom cleaner? But these people are still a part of our societies. They are everywhere, at the airports, in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and even our houses. The washroom cleaner is paid meagerly.
Front desk officer:
A lot of males and females are working as front desk officers. This job is among the worst jobs in the world because it requires you to become competitive and pays nothing considering the amount of hard work you put in. I don’t think the hectic hours of this job are enough to get you back what you have invested in terms of money and time.


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