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July 11, 2014

3 Steps To Overcome The Urge To Smoke

11:34 AM

How To Curb Smoking Temptation
You should, at any cost, overcome the urge of smoking. This is due to the reason that smoking is good for nothing. It will destroy your life and will lead your family to suffer with you. Here are the three easy steps to overcome the urge of smoking.
Think of other things:
You should think of other things and divert your attention. If you stay alone and have nothing to do, then you will definitely have more chances to have the urge of smoking. This is why, you should think of your life, career, relatives, friends or anything to avoid the urge to smoke.
Do some job:
When you will keep yourself busy in some job, your attention will automatically be diverted from smoking. The smokers are seen to be doing nothing in life. They have no jobs and nothing to earn money. This is why, you should not make yourself counted one of them. Search for a job that keeps you busy for the most part of the day so that you forget about smoking.
Don’t live alone:
You should not live alone at any cost. Loneliness creates disturbance in your mind and can lead you become addict to smoking. Stay with your family, relatives and friends for the maximum time of the day and don’t stay alone in your room. It will prompt you to smoke more.


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