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July 22, 2014

4 Magic Card Tricks Worth A Try

From the audience’s viewpoint, card tricks are a fascinating thing to watch at a show. The majority of us believe it is quite a thing to perform at the stage when clearly this is not case. You can also master the skill of card tricks and allow your audience some mesmerizing moments. We are listing down some of the easiest card tricks that you can practice to engage your audience.
Hole In a Card

Let us start off with the difficult ones. It is quite a technical one but as you learn to master it, your audience will be awe-struck.  All you have to is display 4 kings at the beginning and quickly exchange it with 4 Aces.  

Psychic Prediction

This is quite an easy trick to perform.  You will make prediction and the audience will be somehow know about that.

Invisible Deck

This one is quite an interesting trick. Finally you have to manage to turn the card around for the other person to pick.

Poker Trial Card

In this trick, you have to arrange all the cards in order and also restrict the other player to follow a proper sequence. This one is pretty cool too.



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