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July 11, 2014

5 Most Hated Cosmetic Items

11:40 AM

Cosmetic Items That People Hate Most
It is a common observation that we give preference to the branded beauty products. Why not, it’s the matter of our beauty and skincare. Here are the 5 most hated cosmetic items you should avoid at any cost.
Maestro Fusion lipstick
The lipstick of this company is not good at all. It is pigmented and has too much oil. It never promises to give your lips a stunning and cool look. 

Marvelous Moxie nail paints:
The nail paints of this company are the worst in the world. They have totally failed to captivate the attention of females all over the world. It becomes the reason of ruining the natural look and shine of your nails, this is why needs to avoid at any cost.

Dream Foundation SPF:
This foundation has been presented by maylline. But regardless of the fact that it has the high contents of water, it is still being rejected. The foundation leads the females to suffer with pimples and is not easy to remove with water.

NUDE Skin Makeup:
The NUDE skin makeup has been rejected by the females especially its foundation and irritating eye liners. It does not guarantee to take care of your skin and damages its natural growth and shine.

Dioskin Lotion:
The dioskin lotion has proved to be a total garbage. It is priced high and not skin friendly as touted.


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