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July 20, 2014

5 Most Powerful Comics Super Heroes

The List Of Most Powerful And Mesmerizing Super Heroes

The superheroes of comics and televisions have one of the most popular personalities throughout the world. Hence the debate over who is the best still continues and will last forever. Every superhero has some powers at his disposal that they use to dispel the vil. Some of them are more powerful than rest. We are not rating but merely list some of the most superheroes ever.


Is there any kid who does not about Superman? Absolutely impossible. The sheer ability to fly and hit the evil with his all-potent laser beams put him among the best superheroes of all time.  He is not weakness-free though.


Hulk prides himself on being the most powerful man in the world. He has the power to become a larger-than-life figure in the wake of slightest provocation.  His fame is not disputable as well.
Professor X
Watch out for yourself. Professor X has the ability to enter your mind and read it well. He can literally see the world through your mind as you do.

Iron Man

He has penchant for technology and has all the riches in the world. With scientific knowledge, he continues to impress the kids and adults too.


Thor is known for his invincibility. A skilled warrior with his unique hammer is one of best and popular superheroes of all time.

Wonder Woman

The only female superhero on our list is no short of fascinating and impressive abilities. He possesses the powers like Superman and combating skills of Batman. Young female kids adore her beyond measure.


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