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July 11, 2014

5 Top Health Risks of Smoking

11:49 AM

Smoking is never going to give you any benefits. It will, instead, ruin your life by the whole. Here are the five top health risks of smoking.
Smoking causes asthma:
Smoking causes asthma so you have to stay away from it. Let me tell you that if you don’t quit smoking, then soon a time will come when you will have much difficulty in breathing. Also it can lead you to severe suffocation.
Heart attack:
It is true that smoking also causes heart attack. Imagine of the time when you keep on smoking and it becomes the reason of the blockage of your veins. I am sure you don’t want to let that happen with you.
Abnormal growth of the cells:
If you don’t quit smoking then chances are there that your body cells will start growing abnormally. Once you see this disease is taking place, just give high preference to find the ways to quit smoking before its too late.
Blood complications:
Smoking also causes blood complications and can impact the amount of red blood cells in your body. Just think seriously to quit.
Causes cancer:
Unfortunately smoking is one of the most common reasons of cancer. It can cause lungs cancer and skin cancer so you have to get rid of this bad habit. Get a medical check up and medicines to get rid of this sin in no time before cancer leads you to death.


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