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July 21, 2014

6 Most Lethal Warriors of All Time In History

11:30 AM

 Most Hardened Battle Warriors of History

Wars are as old as human history. The strategies and weaponry has been subject to variation such as the transition from sticks to swords. Later, the bow and arrows are introduced as novel weapons to be used.  In this post, we attempt at listing down the most hardened and lethal warriors that this world has witnessed.


They are known for their ruthless war tactics. They showed no mercy to their adversaries. With their teeth filed, the African warriors wore a frightening look. Their popularity in war history is undisputed.


Equally deft in the art of fighting, the Comanche are well known for savvy horse riding war tactics. It is believed that they had the ability to target the enemy while hanging from the horse’s neck in a brutal fashion. Such accuracy of target certainly makes them one of the most lethal warriors.


Who doesn’t know about Spartans and their war tactics? It seems war was their only preoccupation. The kids reaching the age of 7 were trained for the military adventures. They improvised ways to kill the enemies in the war.


Known for their perfect one-on-one battle skills, Gladiators also instilled fear into the heart of their enemies.


Ninjas occupy a special place in the history book for their warring skills. Majorly used as spies, they had the penchant to assassinate their enemies.  

Medieval Knights

Nobody can dispute the lethal tactics of Medieval Knights. They were tantamount to tanks of today and would not take much to overrun the opponent soldiers.


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