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July 20, 2014

Hamas militants kidnap Israeli soldier in recent gun battle

Hamas militants captured an Israeli soldier during a fresh gun battle in Gaza Strip Saturday, dealing a severe blow to IDF ground offensive that had vowed to contain Gaza insurgents.

Hamas fighters in Gaza Strip have released a photo purportedly showing a detained Israeli soldier named Oron Shaul.

Oron Shaul, Israeli soldier now in Hamas captivity 

The capture comes as Hamas fighters led by Qassam Brigade ramp up pressure on  Israeli troops deployed at the outskirts of Gaza Strip, suggesting a new dimension to the 12-day crisis that has left more than 500 people dead and even more injured.

Although Israeli leadership and IDF have not issued an official statement whether any of their solders has been kidnapped during recent skirmishes with Hamas, Hamas’s tone, a number of footages showing capture of Oron Shaul disseminated across social media and celebrations across Gaza Strip indicate that Gaza insurgents have put a significant dent into IDF ground offensive.


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