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July 22, 2014

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness Slams Soaring Premier League Season Tickets

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness Lashes Out at Soaring Premier League Tickets

Bayern Munich President Uli Heoness has slammed Premier League clubs for sky-rocketed match ticket prices. He likened it to "milking their fans like cows" and also explained Bayern Munich's philosophy to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. 

"In a transfer discussion you argue about the sum for five minutes. But the difference between €130 and €380 is huge for the fans."

He ruled out the idea to make profit off match tickets. "We could charge more than €130 (£104). Let's say we charged €380 (£300). We'd get €2.5m (£2m) more in income, but what's €2.5m to us?"

It should be noted that Arsenal's cheapest ticket for the 2014/14 season will be available for £985 and the most expensive one at £1,955 . Liverpool's and Chelsea's season ticket will cost £710 and  £595 respectively. 


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