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July 4, 2014

How To Avoid Online Scams Easily

Easy Ways Through Which You Can Avoid Being Scammed Online

The massive use of Internet has its advantages but it has led to increasing online scams. The scammers use novel methods to dupe the unsuspecting internet users into their trap.  For all of us, it is necessary to stay safe from these online criminals. We have listed some of the ways that can help you spot potential fraud and keep yourself safe from it.

Never Go Shopping Online From the Untrusted Websites
The most common method that scammers use is create a fake website that claims to sell certain products. However, they are bent on asking you to reveal your credit information. If any such website keeps spamming your mailbox with too-good-to-be-true-promises and seems only interested in your credit card information, ignore it.  Don’t give out any of your info.
Check the URL of the website in your address bar. Sometimes these scammers use the popular names of legit businesses with some variations. Double check by entering the website url on google and check its review.

Don’t Reply To Emails That Seem Too Good To Be Real

Don’t reply to emails that promise you a million dollar lottery and chunks of gold that they have in store for you. They are for sure a scam operation. Keep such emails in your spam section of the mailbox. 

Don’t Click on Pop-up Ads

Another method that these scammers use is through the deceptive pop-up ads that lure you read their offers. Once you do, you run risk of losing your money out of sheer innocence though.  The clicking of such ads may also infect your computer with malware.


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