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July 22, 2014

How To Make a Diorama At Home

A diorama is a full three-dimensional miniature model encompassed by a glass, window and a shoe box.  At museums, you will dioramas under a glass depicting different cultures of different places.  You can come up with a model of your choice. All you have to do is keep these steps in mind.

Required Material:
Miniatures Animals, Foodstuffs, Vegetation and Building Elements
Poster Paint
Dollhouse Dolls
Shoe Boxes
Toy Dinosaurs
Model Clay
Container/ Cardboard Boxes
Acrylic Paints
Tree Miniature

First Step:
Firstly, you have to determine the scale of diorama you intend to create. It will make the process easier.  The tree and a bull cannot kept of same sizes so it is advisable to use a ruler to scale the height of different materials you will be using to create it.

Second Step:
Arrange all the material in order.

Third Step:
Begin with a background. You can use a printed picture or background to get started easily.  Keep in mind that the images you use are not out of alignment with the scale of your diorama.

Fourth Step:
Bring forth the container you have decided to use. You can use cardboard or shoe boxes for that matter.  The lighter the container the better you diorama will turn out to be. Plus, it will be easier to handle while movie through the places.  

Final Step:
Work on the diorama and ensure the details are as good as you want. Using a shorter model will result in a more realistic diorama. Use glue to stick the figures on and around your model.


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