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July 26, 2014

IPhone 5 Review

How Good is IPhone 5?

It is true that the iPhone 5 had released months ago, but still this mobile sounds to be a great choice for mobile lovers.

Sleek design and model:
The cutting edge technology of the software is something you would not be resisting. This mobile comes with sleek design and stylish look. Its internal manufacturing was redone by HTC for a better update of the mobile.

High profile features:
A number of high profile features of this mobile are easy side chipping, aliminium body, reliable battery life with an average of 100 hours in talk time. Thus this mobile was scored well by the user reviews all over the world. It comes with extra storage of 32GB or 64GB as well as the microSD card. 

Overall look:

Over 2000 mobile users have named it to be a stylish looking mobile, featured with the upgrade from the 4 (or more-money-than-sense iPhone 4S upgraders). So if you are tired of your old mobile device then giving a try to the Samsung galaxy s5 will be your right decision.

Additional pros and cons of the mobile are;

  • Beautiful, attractive and eye catching design
  • Thin, light
  • Big screen, easily hold-able by the users
  • Great performance of the battery life
  • Impressive software and amazing look of the mobile
  • Incompatibilities observed in the light connector


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