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July 20, 2014

Oron Shaul: Pictures of kidnapped Israeli soldier go viral on social media

Pictures of Oron Shaul, an Israeli soldier who was allegedly abducted by Hamas militants early Saturday morning during a face-to-face skirmish inside Israeli territory, are being disseminated by Hamas supports like a rash in an apparent attempt to prove the militants’ claim that mainstream news media is still skeptical about. 

A picture purportedly showing Hamas fighters detaining an Israeli soldier
The photo was disseminated through a Twitter account believed to be operated by a Hamas supporter. 

Facebook profile of the kidnapped Israeli soldier

Personal Facebook profile of an Israeli soldier Oron Shaul is being widely shared on the social media. Hamas has claimed the captured Israeli soldier is Oron Shaul 

Oron Shaul (right) picture shared at his personal Facebook profile

Abu Obaida, Qassam Brigade spokesman, shows some ID cards he claims belong to Oron Shaul  and other slain soldiers

The said account is not Hamas’s official Twitter but is operated by someone seems to be Hamas supporter and sympathizer. 

Israeli citizens have rushed to social media to share condolences after the news about Oron Shaul emerged last night. Oron's personal facebook profile has been inundated with wishes and condolences during the last few hours. 


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