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July 21, 2014

Top 5 Most Popular Movies of All Time

Do you want to know which are the best movies ever produced in Hollywood.  With due respect to the fact, the finalized list of best movies will always remain open to debate. Your best movie may be the worst I have watched ever. But here is list of five movies that can be rated as the best for acting, story-line, and production.  The notable mentions, however, should be Health Ledger acting in The Dark Knight and Leonardo Di Caprio in Inception.  Revenue and cinematography can be used to gauge the movies.

The Godfather

The popularity of Godfather can never be underrated given the involvement of Al Paccino.  The sheer quality of acting and storyline is just too good to dispute.

The Dark Knight

One of the most important aspect that led this movie to new heights of popularity was the starring of Health Ledger. He acted as a The Joker and strengthened the storyline.

 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As they say, old is gold. The same can be said for this movie. Produced in 1966, the movie still continues to be the best Wild West movie.


Noted for its story-line and psychological connotations, the movie can be dubbed as one of the best. The acting of Leonardo Di Caprio was vital to the success of the movie though it could not win the Oscar.

Shawshank Redemption

The story-line of this movie builds around a prisoner who spends lifetime behind the bars. Accused of murder wrongfully, he comes to know the real murderer who should have been captured instead of them. The ending of this movie is not perfunctory hence worth a watch.


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