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July 18, 2014

What Are The Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

The pregnant women are strictly advised against smoking because it ruins their life. Here are the side effects of smoking on the pregnant females and their unborn babies.
Disturbs the fetus:
It has long been proven that smoking disturbs the fetus of the females. If you have been smoking during pregnancy, take every measure to shun it with immediate effect. This is due to the reason that smoking won’t benefit you and your child. It can lead you have ruptured fetus, leading to losing the baby as well.
Damages the baby’s skin:
The harmful smoke of the smoking materials can damage the skin of your unborn baby. It not only can cause asthma in you but also can lead your baby to have damaged and ill-looking or abnormal skin. This is why, you are better to stay away from this life-killer during your pregnancy months. The mother’s skin cells can also be damaged with smoking and similar harmful materials.
Leads to lungs cancer:
Researches have proved that smoking can be the reason of lungs cancer in both mother and unborn or newly born baby. This is a severe disease which can cause immediate death of either the mother or child or even both of them. This is why the pregnant females have to show seriousness about their health and should quit smoking so that they can enjoy successful delivery of the baby.


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