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November 7, 2014

5 Top Android Apps You Should Know

Having an android app is always great. It sometimes is really difficult to decide which app to choose and which to not. Here are the 5 top android apps you should know.
LastPass Password Mgr Premium 3.0
This app lets you keep a unique password. It thus act like your online security tool and assures that your computer stay protected. With the strong computer passwords created with the help of lastpass, you can be able to make heavy lifting of thefts from your pc.
Wikitude (Free)
This is a free to have app and digital web browser. This android tool allows you to take pictures in a digital format. Your computer or mobile device, thus, will work like your camera and will remain surrounded with cool AR games which you can play once picture taking process has been finished.
Hill Bill
This is a highly amazing android app for businessmen. It is being used in more than 60 levels and it lets you backyard your business files and keep them digitally protected.
Light Drop Live Wallpaper
This is yet another great android app. It has plenty of wallpapers. You will have access to wide range of wallpapers of different themes using this great app.
Google Reader is powered by android. You can adjust it with your internet to enjoy best blogging options. It has lots of features and specifications which will make your work easier.


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