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November 16, 2014

How To Avoid Facebook Scams

Using facebook has become a necessity of our lives. It seems that this social media giant is a permanent part of our lives and we can not survive without it. Here are the ways to avoid facebook scams.
Keep strong password
You should try your best to keep strong password of your facebook. Sometimes the hackers can easily access the account passwords and hack them instantly. They repeat the process every now and then and as a result you are left with no other option than closing your facebook account. So the better way to stay protected is to keep your password something that cannot be easily guessed.
Change your privacy
You should keep your privacy settings maintained in a way that your sharing and posts can not be seen by external persons. Only the friends of facebook should be able to see what you share on your wall and in this way you will be better able to protect yourself on facebook.
Don’t add unknown people
You should avoid adding unknown people to your facebook. Sometimes the hackers create fake profiles and tend to be your friend at the social media websites. You need to stay away from someone unknown and have to be assured that when you add someone at your facebook, that belongs to your friends or professional circle.


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