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November 7, 2014

How to Monitor Your Personal Website Traffic

Having a website is always great. It helps us make money and get a lot of business in the world of internet.
Building and Quantifying Website Traffic
A website or blog cannot survive until its monetization is not done. You should make sure that your website qualifies for monetization. This will get you more and more traffic. You will also raise your chances to earn extra income from online advertising. For example, if your website is to attract huge organic traffic, then you can go for different monetization ways, starting from the lower and moving towards the high level.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is great and a free program to monetize your website. It lets you check the statistics of your website and page views, time spent and how many visitors check a specific page and how your website was reached in search engine etc. This is all you can know by google analytics. This is a highly powerful free service to make you rank your website in the search engines in a better way.
Quantcast is a free service that is there to let you enjoy the demographic info of the website on the basis of user's locations at different intervals of time.


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