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November 9, 2014

How to Spot Paypal Scam

Paypal is one of the most powerful online transaction systems. It is supported in various countries and is being used by millions of people and professional individuals. It is also the truth that paypal is not supported in various countries like Pakistan etc. But if you are living in a country where paypal is supported and want to stay protected from it then follow these easy ways.
Check your settings
Every now and then keep on checking the privacy settings of your paypal account. This will be the assurance that your account is saved and isn’t hacked or touched by someone. If you feel that the account is being used by a third party then contact the support immediately and waits until they resolve the problems.
Don’t share your details
You should avoid sharing your paypal details especially the password and address with someone you don’t trust. In this way, you will be able to spot if a scam is taking place because you will be assured that you had not given your info to someone so there is no reason for it to get scammed or hacked.
Your email id is changed
If you see that the email Id of your paypal has been changed then this is a clear indication of fraud. You need to contact their security agents immediately. Also you have to be assured that your email id is not known by someone out of your circle. It is case sensitive so you need to be more than careful.


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