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November 2, 2014

Intel Company Analysis

Intel is one of the largest computer hardware manufacturing companies in the Information Industry at present. Hardware parts made by Intel are used by all IT service providing companies ranging from Microsoft to various other medium and small scale companies. With the passage of time Intel has gained immense progress and development in the sector and field it specializes in.
However, with all the progress and development that the organization has achieved over the years, and the reputation and credibility it has built with its massive clientele, there are various issues that it encounters at the same time. These issues are mainly related to the technical issues that Intel faces in compatibility matters with the latest technology have emerged.
During the course of this discussion we will look at some of these issues along with the SWOT analysis of the company and also shed light on ways through which these issues can be resolved.
Issues faced by Intel
One of the challenges that the organization faced was in the form of its newly made 3D chips. Intel introduced Tri-Gate technology for usage in all kinds of devices and was also considered to be more energy efficient (Poeter, 2011).
However, as market for tablets and smartphones continues to expand without any boundaries near in sight, it is likely that Intel will have to come up with something that is far more effective and efficient than their current 3D Technology. In addition to the problems and complications that Intel is confronted with at the technical end, there are also problems that it faces on a legal front.
 For more than a few years now Intel has been involved in a legal battle with its largest competitor AMD, largely because its own email archiving system failed to do the required job (Chris, 2007). With such technical challenges and legal complications facing Intel it is important that strong participation from managerial end comes into play to devise a strategy through which these issues can be resolved without creating further problems for the organization in the long run.
SWOT analysis of Intel
·         High and highly skilled department of Research and Development
·         Company is always looking for ways to innovate itself and the nature of products it manufactures
·         Has a strong position when it comes to market share leadership
·         Strong management team
·         Strong brand equity
·         Expensive in retail pricing
·         Lack of experience and penetration in mobile market
·         Diseconomies to scale
·         Product and service expansion
·         Increasing scope of mobile and smartphone market can prove yet another venture for innovation for Intel
·         Intel’s credible name in the hardware industry will always be considered an opportunity
·         Less competition in hardware industry can also work in favor of Intel (Study Marketing, 2012)
·         Slowing pace of the economy
·         Exchange rate fluctuations
·         Competition from companies like Dell and IBM
·         Price between competitors in order to gain maximum leverage
Ways of resolving problems mentioned
The problems mentioned earlier for Intel are related to the technical and legal fronts. However, resolving either issue is not that difficult. As far as the technical issue is concerned, it is important that the related team involved in the development and other areas of manufacturing sit down with appropriate managers of their own department and other responsible and concerned officials and resolve the issue.
It is important for them to first diagnose the issue, find out where precisely is the loophole in the entire process and then with the help of a streamlined process provide each team related to the issue the task of addressing the problem in an appropriate manner and delivering the results required.
 Furthermore, it is also important to state that a periodic check and constant update from the team is essential in guaranteeing the success of a process. As far as the legal battle is concerned, these are something every other big company of its related sector is involved in.
In the case of Intel the problem has occurred due to the malfunctioning of their system. Once again this is an issue which is crucial enough to be addressed on immediate basis. The litigation of Intel in the antitrust case filed by AMD shows the prevalence of a huge gap that defines the communication process taking place in the organization.
The issues need to be reported immediately without any delay or postponement to the concerned and responsible authorities to avoid any such incidents in future.  

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